May 22, 2012

Inside the House: Meg Ryan's Romantic Spanish Mansion

"You've Got Taste"

Real Estate

In the spirit of the red hot luxury real estate market, this one just listed and is already in escrow but it's really beautiful so I thought I'd feature it as today's "Inside the House."

We all know Meg Ryan as the adorable pixiesh movie star who made a name for herself in such movies as Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail but REALLY made a name for herself in that famous diner scene from When Harry Met Sally …. (Yes, boys, girls do do that, even with you.) But we at Bungalux also know that Meg has really good taste in houses.

Her almost 7,000 square foot, seven bedroom house is in the desirable area of lower Bel Air, and her neighbor is none-other than Tom Ford. (Imagine him as your neighbor … great for style adjustments before dates.) We love the 1931 Spanish house because Meg kept it looking minimally clean. Unlike the Spanish restoration we featured a few weeks ago – which people ended up divided on – Meg retained the original Spanish feel as much as possible. (Aside decorating tip: We love the old jars clustered on the sitting room floor. This is “floor art” is easily done at home inexpensively. They occasionally pop up on eBay or at garden stores.)

Meg’s mansion has been on-and-off the market a few times, but it went into escrow quickly this time at the current listing price of $11.4 million. Meg bought it in 2000 for $8.5 million. With her little profit we don’t think Meg will be going “Sleepless in Seattle” (or New York, where she’s spending much of her time) anytime soon.


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