August 22, 2011

You Don't Have to Fork Over to Have Great Dinnerware

Our Favorite Dinnerware

Food Drink

Somehow we’ve gotten the totally undeserved reputations as snobs.

Don’t get us wrong, we kind of like being called snobs. After all, Nicole Richie, Martha Stewart, Rachel Zoe, and the cast of the Jersey Shore could be called snobs as well … and we’re obsessed with all of them.

But if you take a close look at what we recommend not everything is expensive. Sure, there’s that occasional $14,000 ping pong table or $22 million Malibu mansion, but we really try to make Bungalux accessible. After all, we’re not in the price range either … yet.

Over the months we’ve recommended a slew of hot products for under $100. But, thanks to your comments, we’re going to do a better job of adding even more. We’re starting with dinnerware.

Everyday dinnerware – serving dishes and place settings – should not be expensive. It gets chipped, broken, and scratched. Trust us, even if our name was Bungalux Zuckerberg we wouldn’t buy expensive everyday dinnerware. So, we’re going to offer you our two inexpensive suggestions:

The dishware we have is Maison from Crate & Barrel. We love it because it’s modern, fits perfectly in the dishwasher, and has held up for seven years and counting with nary a scratch or chip. It retails for around $33 for a four piece place setting. C&B has so many great dinnerware alternatives for modern and traditional. Pop over to the site and take a look.

In a recent trip to San Jose we stumbled across a second option for dinnerware at Kohl’s Department Store. Kohl’s has teamed up with Food Network to create a line of home accessories we think is pretty great. They have different modern and traditional lines, and most are on sale. Our favorites are the Marshmallow and the Whipped Cream. We picked up a few of the serving dishes and love them, but we’re going to warn you that some of the internet reviews haven’t been so great. Again, we haven’t had a problem, but we were also taught to use forks at a young age and have gotten good at it (once you read the reviews this will make sense).

That all being said, back to the snob issue. We are a little snobby: In no way, shape or form do we believe in ever serving guests on paper plates. If you’re having a party you’re taking on the responsibility of serving food on glass and doing dishes. So, in either case, buy enough so you can entertain with it.



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