August 29, 2011

Win a $250 Shopping Spree to Williams-Sonoma

Why Cook? It's Sexy, That's Why.

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So, you think you know us? Here’s a multiple choice quiz to find out exactly how well. Rules: You can choose more than one answer.

When it comes to cooking, we at Bungalux:

A. Put on aprons and six inch Louboutin pumps but don’t make it to the kitchen.
B. Think we’re Alain Ducasse when we put take-out Katsuya sushi on plates.
C. Just last week learned to Cook by Numbers. (For those of you who don’t know, that’s hip slang for microwaving.)
D. Won’t be opening The French Laundry anytime soon, but we’re suckers for guys who take us there.
E. Have actually been to cooking school and, while not we’re not Thomas Keller, we do think cooking for guys is sexy and have been known to whip up a pretty good dinner and morning-after breakfast.

If you answered A, we wish. If you answered B, you’re wrong. If you answered C, our moms taught us micro skills at a young age. If you answered D and E, congratulations!

You don’t win anything … yet. But don’t despair because we at Bungalux are starting to do really cool contests, giveaways, and offers – all exclusive to our members.

Our first contest is with the fabulous Williams-Sonoma. We’re randomly selecting one of our members to win a $250 shopping spree to spruce up his or her kitchen for fall. So become a Bungalux member now!

And, in honor of Williams-Sonoma and sexy cooking, we’ve chosen our ten favorite new Williams-Sonoma products, all under $250. So, check out this week's Top 10 to jump start your kitchen for fall.


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