July 22, 2011

Why Does the Tortoise Get a Bad Rap?

Tortoise Drinkware

Food Drink

Is it just us, or does everything in life seem to be moving so quickly all of a sudden? That girl on the treadmill next to you, that guy you just met in the bar, those emails coming in on your Blackberry…

Blame it on the information age, but nowadays we've been moving at a hare-like pace. By the time we get home at night and curl up with that welcome Goose and soda, maybe we just feel, well, more like a tortoise.

If you feel our pain, we know the perfect little addition to your bar: Tortoise glassware.

There's so much great drinkware out there, but every house deserves a few great pieces of tortoise. The beautiful, textured color of tortoise adds a wow element to any bar, dining cabinet, or table setting. At a dinner party it camouflages what people are drinking – so, guys, you can drink that vodka cranberry without embarrassment – and at a bar the color blends well with your liquor selection (which better include a great rum, brandy, and scotch).

Tortoise glassware comes at many price points, but the one we like comes from Neiman Marcus. A set of four wine glasses, old-fashioned's, highballs, or balloon glasses are under $40.

And the best part? Only forty dollars for glassware and you can can click over to Lanvin or Gucci and not feel guilty about it.


What to put in your tortoise ...


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