July 20, 2011

What Happened Last Summer

Deborah Lippman Nail Polish


We were introduced to Deborah Lippman nail polish by our multitasking cousin.

With three kids, six design jobs, four dogs, two tortoises, a high-maintenance husband, and a kid's friend or two always sleeping in her casitas, our cousin's minutes seemed more valuable than ours.

Which is how she found Deborah Lippman's brilliant topcoat: Addicted to Speed. The $20 shiny topcoat dries in minutes and protects your nails from chips, scratches, and biting tortoises, and its luster adds shimmer to any polish underneath it. Addicted to Speed is a go-get. Now.

As we started panning through Deborah Lippman's delectable nail polish colors, the names of her colors resonated, and we realized that perhaps she knew what had happened to us last summer. We highly recommend her hot colors (in caps below). And after reading what's next, you'll believe us when we tell you there's one for every mood.

What Happened Last Summer:

It's Raining Men, but once I saw you across the room by the sea I Dreamed You and only you.
Since I Fell For You– for your eyes and smile and the way you made me blush and laugh – it was always a Prelude to a Kiss. My friends said it was Baby Love, but to me it felt like Waking Up In Vegas in a hot sky full of Stardust. There was always Glitter In the Air when I was with you. When we were together Today Was A Fairy Tale and tonight was Some Enchanted Evening. I remember the days we lay Naked in your Love Shack by the sea. Don't Tell Mama, but you were my Constant Craving. I loved you Between the Sheets, when you traced the Shape of My Heart and I would Stop and Stare and put my hands through your blond hair.

My Romance took place under the Marquee Moon, but sometime in August it would turn into a Wicked Game, and I started to see that there was a Dark Side Of The Moon. You disappeared, you didn't call. Leave this Bad Romance, Just Walk Away Renee, my friends said, Before He Cheats. I didn't though. Was there a Supermodel? A Brown Eyed Girl? A Maneater? If so, Lady Is A Tramp. Eventually the calls and the texts stopped, there was No More Drama and you disappeared but I never knew why. I should have known it was too good to be true, that someday you would Fade To Black.

So now, a whole summer later and the day before your birthday, all I can do is just dream of you Across the Universe, and wonder if sometimes, when you're lonely, you look at the sea and Dream A Little Dream of Me too.


When I Think of Him, I Also Think of ...


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