August 12, 2011

We're So Steaming On ...

The Jiffy Garment Steamer


We're so steaming on ... Leonardo DiCaprio? Johnny Depp? Chase Crawford?

The answer to the all of the above is a resounding "Yes!" but this is supposed to be a home and lifestyle site, so we need not bring up our Hollywood crushes here.

Instead what we're really referring to is the absolute must-have (triple underlined) for all you clothes-wearers – the Jiffy Garment Steamer.

If you're like us and associate the word "iron" with hair instead of a board, read on. The Jiffy Steamer can de-wrinkle any piece of clothing with ease. So, if your silk Lanvin dress ended up in your pillowcase last night (we won't ask) and you need to wear it again in two hours, Jiffy to the rescue. After a quick steam even a French silk dress will look like it just came out of the dry cleaner – without the chemicals.

We searched around, and the cheapest place to get the Jiffy Steamer is at standby Amazon. You can also get it at Sears and Bed Bath & Beyond. It retails for around $150.

Now that we've totally changed your life and saved you thousands of dollars in dry cleaning bills, on to your wardrobe. Because what self-respecting girl would wear the same dress two nights in a row, even if it is Lanvin?


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