August 10, 2011

This Was Going to Be "The Summer" ...

Ten Ways to Salvage the Summer of 2011


This was going to be “the” summer. You were going to get into shape, fall in love, launch a company, tell your neighbor her barking dog is driving you crazy, find a hot guy and reenact the Wicked Game video frame-by-frame, make more friends, sail the Croatian coast, leave your house past 8 PM …

Instead, over half of summer is gone and you haven’t done a damn thing. You’ve been sitting in your Palo Alto rental with the shades drawn afraid the tech bubble’s going to burst before you come up with “the idea.” You haven’t left your Chicago townhome, using mosquitoes and humidity as your excuse. You’ve been afraid to travel out of New York because of the events in Norway.

We can’t bear excuses any longer.

Check out our top 10 things you can still do to make your summer a great one:

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Ten Ways to Still Make the Summer of 2011 Great


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