March 6, 2012

Surf's Up (On Your Wall)

Vintage Surfboards as Decor


There’s nothing sexier than a surfer. That tan. Those muscles. That sun-kissed blond hair. That … Wait, we’ve digressed. What were we supposed to be talking about?

Oh, that’s right: The surfboard.

If your days of sex wax are behind you, if you upgraded boards, or if you plain never surfed to begin with but want people to think you did, we have the perfect way for you to show off that longboard of yesteryear.

Restore it and hang it on your wall or use it as a coffee table or similar decor item. As one or a collection, vintage restored surfboards can immediately up the cool quotient of any living room, den, or library. Sure it’s perfect for that Malibu beach bungalow, but it’s equally as cool in a stately Hamptons’ shingle house, city pad, or even a Midwest country house where the nearest body of water doesn’t have a single wave and begins with the word Lake.

Not surprisingly, many of the top surfboard restorers are located in the Golden State or Down Under. Stateside, we like Bartlett Classic Surfboards in San Clemente. They restore old boards and have a good inventory of already-restored boards for you novices.

Now back to dreaming about surfer guy. That tan . . .



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