August 27, 2012

The Winklevii's Newly Finished "Startup"

Tyler and Cameron Hit California

Real Estate

Okay, so maybe the whole Facebook thing didn't work out exactly as they would have hoped, but have Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss finally outdone Mark Zuckerberg?

We have it on sources that the Winklevii have purchased a modern house perched on one of Los Angeles's premier streets for $18 million. The sexy property has drop dead views of LA, a pool (naturally), and an indoor/outdoor living area perfect for entertaining future tech entrepreneurs. Rumor has it the developer/owner of the freshly finished property had turned down a $15 million offer from another party before the Winklevoss twins upped the ante. The property never hit the market. Welcome to today’s luxury real estate market.

We featured Mark’s house in Palo Alto a few months back and think that the house couldn’t be any more different than the Winklevii house. One is understated and traditional, the other “wow” and sexy. What’s your opinion? Which do you "Like" more?

Photos Courtesy of TMZ.


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