April 19, 2012

Andrea Rapke

What Would Christian Grey Do?

Apartment Car Music Hotel Second Home Clothing Toy Apartment

This may be my most ambitious and off-kilter Bungalux Top Ten yet, but since everyone - from my mom to my (very clearly) over-sexed friends to me - has been reading the FIFTY SHADES OF GREY trilogy, I thought it was appropriate to address the subject from my perspective with a slight Los Angeles twist (I'm LA bred, after all). PS. If anyone out there is listening I vote Armie Hammer plays Mr Grey. No one else comes close.


    The West Coast version of 15 CPW. Need I say more?

  2. CAR

    Christian clearly favors Audi as his automaker of choice, but if he let his very touchable hair down, he would drive the Lamborghini Estoque. It's a 2014 concept car and when it comes out will be really beautiful. Plus, it's a 2+2. A first for Lamborghini and a favor to safety lovers everywhere.

  3. MUSIC

    Sonos may not be "the newest"' but it is the best and blows every iPod based music system out of the water, in my humble opinion. I have it all over my house, and I promise it will play Tallis, Coldplay, Van Morrison et al thru Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and anything else anyone else comes up with, much more smoothly than a dock or a computer system. Play thru your iPad, iPod, iPhone, BlackBerry or the system's controller. Even CG can learn something new...


    If you're lucky enough to live in SF, LA, NY, Chicago and a few other places, you can order a car service at the touch of an app. Über uses geo locating to send a driver to you within minutes. It costs almost the same as a taxi, but instead of a surly cab driver, you ride with a very discreet and extremely pleasant driver in a Town Car or SUV. I felt just like Ana AND Christian on my first ride.

  5. HOTEL

    Badrutt's Palace in St Moritz Switzerland is not new nor unknown, but it is extremely special and incredibly beautiful. Not to mention far, far away from anything American and very helicopter friendly. Their best suite is one of the most expensive and most cosy in the world, too. If you're looking for privacy, luxury and super sexy, look no further. And if you really want to go Christian Grey, you can rent the slopes at night for skiing like no other place on the planet.


    Everyone needs a Caribbean hideaway to do naughty things. And why have a house when you can have an island?


    é by Jose Andres at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Las Vegas is a romantic, drop your jaw on the table room with incredibly sensual food. It is rather like a "chef's tasting room", but I'm sure one could think of plenty of other delicious things to do/taste in there. It only seats 8, but I'm sure 2 would be quite "comfortable". And you can definitely take your Charlie Tango or private plane there for dinner, etc...


    Hermes. For him and for her. And for dog and horse. I just asked them to find me a tiny "H" buckle for my two year old nephew, so for kids, too. That's it. No other fashion brand comes close.

  9. ART

    Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles recently showed the latest work by the unutterably talented artist Glenn Kaino. His series of pieces entitled "In Search of a New Model" would turn even the most jaded collector's head. Each is built in his self-described method of "kit bashing" using model-makers' parts, hand painting them in real gold and assembling them in abstract forms representing 6 cities around the world. They are large and extraordinarily delicate. And impossible to get.

  10. TOY

    Since the Christian Greys of the world have pretty much any piece of jewelry, any toy or other plaything at their fingertips, it occurred to me that perhaps giving something completely unexpectedly pleasurable would be novel. Besides, who else would buy one?



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