November 28, 2011

Alex Brunkhorst

What to Do in November

  1. Join the spectacular Quora. Why like, friend, or tweet when you can Quora? Think of Quora as social networking for the intellectual. Let’s be honest, we’re all growing a little tired of Facebook. We don’t really need to know that our best friend blew us off for dinner and is now at home listening to Selena Gomez on Spotify instead.

  2. Practice Thanksgiving. And then make Thanksgiving. Somehow the X, Y, and Z Gens grew up thinking that Thanksgiving was our parents’ responsibility. Someday it will be ours. If you’re nervous about making your first turkey for a group of forty practice on your husband first. He’s supposed to like everything about you, right?

  3. And as a follow-up to #2. It’s holiday cooking time. Make sure your kitchen is prepped with everything you need. Four o’clock on Thanksgiving is not the time to find out you don’t have a turkey baster.

  4. Write a novel. It’s National Novel Writing Month, so join NaNoWriMo and you’ll have a fantastic support group around you to help you write 50,000 words by the end of November. Believe us, there’s something euphoric about finishing a novel.

  5. Give to PanCan. It’s Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Steve Jobs may be this horrific disease’s most famous victim, but there are millions of moms, dads, grandparents, and friends who die from pancreatic cancer. Miss you all the time, Ms. Lin.

  6. Refresh your coffee table books.

  7. In honor of Daylight Savings Time, revisit your favorite “dark” record. If you haven’t listened to it in a while it’s gonna sound so good. Hmmm. So many. Pearl Jam’s Ten, Interpol’s Turn on the Bright Lights, The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds, Bob Dylan’s Blood On the Tracks, House of Love’s self-titled, Echo & the Bunnymen’s Ocean Rain … With this list we’ll be guaranteed to be in a bad mood all month.

  8. Buy white lights for your outdoor spaces. The more the merrier.

  9. Girls, switch up your make-up. Those frosty summer colors don’t work for holiday. And mascara gets bacteria and should be replaced often (We love Blinc’s Kiss Me) And Tom Ford’s Cosmetic Line is finally out just in time for holiday, so glamorize!

  10. Plan a holiday party. Pick a date for early December and let your friends know now so they don’t plan their own holiday parties for the same date.



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