February 8, 2012

Simone LeBlanc

Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Guest Editor
Heritage Beauty Between the Sheets The Vday Crush Intoxicate Her The Original Romantic The Original Romantic Art from the Heart Game of Love Timeless Bespoken For Bespoken For Bespoken For Heritage Beauty

“Gift giving is an art; it’s the moment to communicate in a way that is unique to you. In order to convey the idea of an abstract feeling, create a simple gesture of thanks, or build your pièce de résistance for that important occasion, you give a piece of yourself to be received by another. The art lies in the balance of generosity and gratitude, the simple act of giving and receiving.”

Simone LeBlanc, who has a thriving gifting company in Los Angeles, makes an art of extraordinary gift-giving and works closely with her private clients to create meaningful and often luxe presents that impress. She's a gifting guru to many of LA's luxe-level insiders is used to creating dream Vday gifts for her clients: from custom built shoe cabinets filled with Louboutins to jewelry collections that can make even the most jaded girl swoon.

For those who desire the truly unique, Simone's been known to dig deep for unique treasures and collaborate with artisans in order to create one of a kind, heartfelt gifts — from heirloom jewelry and hand painted family trees to finding and engraving 40 collectible antique watches with personal messages at a moments notice.

Here are Simone's wonderful and unique luxe suggestions for Valentine's Day.

"Art for the Heart" Image courtesy Kimberly Books and Taylor De Cordoba, Los Angeles.

  1. For Her Heritage Beauty $1025.00

    Treat your sweet one like the treasure that she is. The Hermes Berenice in calfskin ruby and silver plate will pass her test and stand the test of time as well: each time she receives a compliment from a girlfriend, she’ll have you on her mind; and trust me, she will receive many.

  2. For Her Between the Sheets $550.00

    When you indulge your sweetie with the Caress Bed Set from Kikki De Montparnasse you’ll be treating yourself to an evening of treats as well. The high thread count cotton sheets have loving sentiments and deep desires embroidered across the fold – just the thing to inspire many sleepless nights of loving up ahead. Like this idea but prefer to embroider your own special messages? Contact me (info@simoneleblanc.com) for a selection of custom embroidery ideas…just for you.

  3. For Her Vday Crush $40.00

    Remember how good it felt to carve your crush’s initials on a tree? Make it a simple Vday this year with a miniature custom heart sampler and make her heart go pitter-patter indeed. Forget the Vday card; have your initials hand embroidered for her to keep as long as her heart desires.

  4. For Her Intoxicate Her $300.00

    Gift your lovely lady something as unique as she is. Sanae Intoxicants’ creates scents that she can’t help but fall for. With the newly released Aphrodisiac Blend, she can discover her true essence. After picking one, two or three options from the well edited Aphrodisiac menu of oils, her scent will be hand blended and delivered in a bottle dated with her name on the label. Spectacular indeed!

  5. For Her The Original Romantic Price Upon Request

    For those of you that live for old-fashioned romance and have the budget and desire to make your loved one absolutely swoon, consider this 17th C gold and agate etui. This rare French piece was once used to hold secrete messages exchanged between lovers. The agate is banded with hand painted enamel which reads " Nul Plaisir Sans Vous," or "No pleasure without you." Often carried by affluent members of society, étuis such as this would carry confidential notes tucked inside and then would have been sealed with wax for ultimate secrecy. Fill this treasure with your own hand written love note of secrets, just for her. To find such a delicate object in such beautiful condition is extremely rare. For inquiries, email me at info@simoneleblanc.com.

  6. For Him Art from the Heart Price Upon Request

    Show your commitment by building a collection…together. With the help of Heather Taylor, owner of revered contemporary LA gallery Taylor De Cordoba, you can gift your sweetheart a collection no matter what your budget. Heather provides art advisory services for a variety of budgets and environments and is passionate about helping collectors build and grow their collections. She’ll work with you on a case- by-case basis to establish your taste, style and goals in the way that works just right for you.

  7. For Him Game of Love $2840.00

    What’s better than celebrating Vday with a game in the buff? With 15 layers of hand applied lacquer, this laurel burr backgammon board by Alexandra Llewellyn has photographic transfers of nudes that will keep your sweetheart inspired, to say the least; game after game after game.

  8. For Him Timeless Price Upon Request

    The gentleman in your life deserves a little something special; that unique piece that is right for him and him alone. Gift an antique pocket watch that he can keep for years to come, and pass on down the road. Add your own touch to the classic idea and engrave a meaningful word for him or a significant date such as the date that you met, or first said I Love You. These timeless pieces are available for all budgets, but if you’d like to really go there, head for the platinum tourbillon from Patek Philippe. Extremely rare, a true collectible. Contact me for an exquisite piece: info@simoneleblanc.com

  9. For Him Bespoken For $380 per Shirt (Minimum Four per Order)

    Keep your honey looking like the sartorialist you know he can be with a grouping of custom shirts from Duncan Quinn. With tailoring talents learned straight from Saville Row, Mr. Quinn’s bespoke shirts will keep your sweetheart looking as smart as he can be, effortlessly. Prices starting at $380 per shirt, with a minimum of 4 shirts per order.

  10. For Him Speaking Volumes $349.95

    We all know nothing works better to get your guy in the mood for Vday day than some sweet love-jams, whether they be from Al Green or Cee Lo Green. With the Bose Soundlink Wireless Mobile Speaker, you can cozy up wherever you may be. This sleek, compact speaker has fab sound quality and can stream his favorite playlist wirelessly from any of his modern devices. Yep, that’s right – stream straight from his Iphone even. For some extra bonus points, make him the sappiest love-song playlist ever, commemorating your favorite moments together.



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