February 2, 2012

Andrea Rapke

Top Ten Tips for Throwing an Over-the-Top Super Bowl Party

Food Drink
3D Plasma TV Stadium Platter Lobster Mac & Cheese Kobe Sliders Microbrew Minotti Sofa Runway Waiters Orb Sound System 3D Plasma TV

Okay, so neither the Packers nor the Eagles are playing for a victory in the Super Bowl. (Tom Brady, it's so not fair. How come you're hot, you're married to Gisele and you're in the Super Bowl? If we were guys we'd long ago be calling foul.)

Instead of being sore losers, we at Bungalux have decided to take the high road to Indianapolis and actually partake in the big day by having our own Super Bowl party. Why? First off, we'll be so busy being hostesses we won't actually watch the game. Secondly, well, you know us. Any excuse to have a party and we're in.

That all being said, we're decidedly snobbish when it comes to entertaining. If you're a snob at heart or just getting in touch with your inner snob, here are our tips for a hot Super Bowl party.

  1. The 72 Inch 3D Plasma

    The only TV that we covet more than the hundred foot screen in Cowboy Stadium. Take that Jerry Jones.

  2. Stadium Party Platters

    It's okay to be kitsch when it comes to sports. Check out the photos, we're obsessed.

  3. Kogi Truck Tacos, Smoked Salmon and Caviar Pizza, Truffled Popcorn, Lobster Mac & Cheese, Kobe Sliders,

    We all love bar food and aren't afraid to admit it, but it's okay to show off and splurge once in a while. Here's Bungalux's version.

  4. Exotic Microbrews

    The more micro the brew the better. It's always fun to know about things no one else does.

  5. d'Arenberg Footbolt Shiraz 2008

    We checked our Robert Parker Guide. We don't care of it's good or not. The name screams Super Bowl party.

  6. Minotti Sofas on Risers

    We've been to a lot of screening rooms lately that have the home version of a Business Class seat. Why sit in Business Class when you can go First? Throw in risers if you must.

  7. NFL Cashmere Sweaters

    If you want your Barneys shopper to support your team look no further.

  8. Runway Waiters

    Tip: Always hire servers hotter than your friends. The real score may just be taking one home post-Bowl.

  9. Orb Sound System

    Helmet-on-helmet contact deserves to be heard on the best sound system out there.

  10. Tickets for Next Year's Super Bowl

    The ultimate Super Bowl pool. Give away tickets to Super Bowl XLVII to the winner. They can use their own NetJets miles to get there.



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