November 28, 2011

Alex Brunkhorst

Top Spots for Real Life "Pumpkin" Hunting

  1. Hipster Pumpkin: Intelligentsia Silverlake, Los Angeles. Where the beautiful and hip get their coffee the morning after. And, yes, they look more beautiful after a night of drug use than we do after a spa weekend. Life’s not fair.

  2. Wall Street Pumpkin / Model Pumpkin: The Boom Boom Room, New York. Make it past the iPad-carrying “bouncers” – is that what you call hot girls at the door? – and enter the fabulous world of Andre Balazs. We promise you’ll find a Goldman trader or two and plenty of Czech supermodels. The rest is up to you.

  3. Software Developer Soon to be Billionaire Pumpkin: Oren’s Hummus, Palo Alto. Into smart? Sweet? Kinda nerdy? We used to think "nice" was overrated. It's not. And neither is "smart." Smart gets better with age. Promise.

  4. Venture Capitalist Pumpkin: Il Fornaio, Palo Alto. Want a tech guy but can’t handle the nerdy, brooding entrepreneur types who love Python more than the language of love (see #3)? Stop by Il Fornaio for lunch on a weekday. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though.

  5. Suave, Hot Pumpkin: Soho House, West Hollywood. They say they’re not letting “entertainment” people into this exclusive dinner club in the sky, but then why did we spot half of CAA, the cast of Mad Men, and Rachel Zoe there last time we stopped for a drink? Still the prettiest place to see-and-be-seen in LA though – both in décor and the beauty around you.

  6. Sports Fan Pumpkin: Bar Louis, Chicago. Baseball caps, football jerseys, and microbrews your turn-ons? Then Louis is your guy. Suggestion: Don’t wear your Aaron Rodgers jersey though. We did, and it didn’t go so well.

  7. Girl in a Mini Dress Pumpkin: Anyplace, Las Vegas. We love Vegas, so we’re not knocking it. Stop by Hyde, Lavo, Tao, XS or any of those Vegas hot spots and we promise you’ll see more than you saw at the pool that afternoon. And you didn’t think that was possible.

  8. Silicon Valley Guys Too Cool for Silicon Valley Pumpkin: Ozumo, San Francisco. We don’t need to go into further detail here. You know who you are (see #4: Venture Capitalist Pumpkin).

  9. Wall Street Pumpkin / Model Pumpkin Part II: Cipriani Downtown, New York. Same cast of characters as Boom Boom, different décor, slightly different ‘hood.

  10. Athletic Pumpkin: The Little Nell, Aspen. It's almost ski season. Do you know what that means? Yup, It's almost apres-ski season.



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