November 28, 2011

Alex Brunkhorst

Ten Ways to Still Make the Summer of 2011 Great

  1. Get tan the healthy way. Check out our guest beauty editor’s recommendations for the best spray/self tans.

  2. So Croatia with the venture capitalist didn’t work out. You can still take a weekend away. Think Lake Geneva, San Simeon, Napa, the Vineyard, Brush Creek Ranch.

  3. Make a playlist with all upbeat songs (check out our Malibu one). Leave The Smiths, Echo & the Bunnymen, and Coldplay off this one.

  4. Plant a perennial garden so next summer is colorful.

  5. Commit to taking a forty-five minute walk every other day. Map it around good houses, it will go faster.

  6. Go through your Facebook friends. Pick the “coolest” person you know and invite him or her out for lunch. He or she just may say yes.

  7. Read a beach book.

  8. Hang art. If you’re not in the Picasso market, frame something you have at home (a postcard, a drawing, a photograph).

  9. Acquire planters from Kimberlee Keswick Design. You’ll enjoy them now and we’ll help you spruce them up for holidays.

  10. Buy a book on business plans and launch your company. Then the next time you see the VC guy you’ll be the one saying “no.” Who needs his money when Kleiner Perkins already invested?



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