November 28, 2011

Andrea Rapke

Ten Ways to Lux-Up Your Closet

  1. No matter how much or little space your closets have, keep everything uniform. Buy good hangers (we recommend Real Simple's Huggable Hangers from BB&B - $29.95 for 50) so everything hangs at the same height. It gives you more space and protects clothing.

  2. Clean out items you haven't worn in 2 years or can't fit into. We suggest storing major pieces of designer and vintage you want to pass along to the next generation of fashionistas, selling designer pieces you'll never wear again, and donating the items of no value. Make room for that new Lanvin you're lusting over!

  3. Everything old is new again. Take care of your expensive purchases such as shoes, bags, and luggage at places like Arturo's in Beverly Hills. Repair clothes as soon as there's a problem. It's no fun packing for a trip and having to leave something out because you forgot to fix a tear or a hole.

  4. Don't store clothes in plastic bags. Chemicals in the plastic and from the dry cleaner break down the fibers and damage all clothing. No exceptions.

  5. Keeping your shoes "heel / toe" saves space and allows you to see heels and toes for ladies and laces and slip-ons for men.

  6. If you can't see it, you won't wear it! Don't keep purses (or anything) in bags or shoes in shoe boxes.

  7. As everyone's mother has told them, throw out old socks, underwear, T-shirts and sweats (unless you're seriously emotionally attached to them - in which case you should probably see a therapist...).

  8. Pretend you're a professional organizer and create a system for accessories you wear often and for items you don't. Baseball caps, belts, scarves, stockings, etc. should be stored in the order they're most often used. Drawer dividers are an inexpensive solution to keeping drawers in military order.

  9. Take care of your sweaters and coats. Buy cedar and lavender and switch them out often. Your closet (and you!) will smell sexy.

  10. Don't keep dirty clothes in the closet. They make everything else smell dirty. If you have smelly shoes in there, buy inserts for them or toss them and splurge on those new Chloe boots you've been drooling over.



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