January 16, 2012

Katherine Power & Hillary Kerr

Ten Ways to Make Your Home Fashionable

Guest Editor
Fiddle Fig Tree Fiddle Fig Tree Designer Gift Boxes Blue and White Chinoiserie Citronella Light Bulb Designer Candle Fashion Books Fashion-Referencing Textiles Mix High-Low Vintage Fashion Ad Vintage Fashion Ad Vintage Chandelier Fiddle Fig Tree

Today I’m joined by two of the icons of fashion Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr, who are going to chat with us about how to make our homes more fashionable.

Katherine and Hillary Co-Founded Who What Wear, one of the driving forces in today’s fashion landscape. Who What Wear’s daily newsletter is a must-read of mine everyday and their website WhoWhatWear.com one of my top bookmarks. In addition, Katherine and Hillary have produced various web series, and authored the acclaimed books, Who What Wear: Celebrity and Runway Style for Real Life and What to Wear, Where.

Here's Katherine and HIllary on How to Make Your Home Fashionable ...

  1. Fiddle Fig Tree

    This large-leaf ficus tree is getting a lot of play in the home décor world. It's the go-to choice for the chic abodes of the fashionable set. It needs some indirect sunlight and is best in the corner of a room.

  2. Designer Gift Boxes

    Save beautiful boxes from fashionable brands like Hermes, Lanvin, and Tiffany, and use them to add a pop of recognizable color to your rooms. If no one's gifted you anything from these stores lately, they can easily be purchased on Ebay. Colorful hat boxes look cute as well.

  3. Blue and White Chinoiserie Pieces

    Add an interesting pattern to any room with these vases, lamps, bowls, and other items. Let one stand alone or create a mismatched vignette. By bringing in a pattern like this, you will add interest to a room made of solid or simple items.

  4. Citronella Light Bulbs

    They give off a soft, warm light that's sure to make everyone's skin glow.

  5. Designer Candles

    Choose your home's signature scent like you'd choose your perfume and make sure it comes in beautiful packaging (try: Diptyque, D.L.&Co., Le Labo, Nars, or Cire Trudon – all have a fashion flair).

  6. Fashion Books

    Remember to put these on your birthday or holiday lists and before you know it you'll build quite a collection for your coffee table or bookshelf. To get a jump start on your own, search Ebay and AbeBooks.com for vintage hardbacks.

  7. Fashion-Referencing Textiles

    Choose your rug, curtains, and pillows carefully. Think about the room as an outfit and ask yourself if you'd wear these pieces, prints, and colors together (some imagination is needed, as décor tends to be bolder than one's wardrobe). Also look for fabrics that reference items related to fashion, like a rug that repeats a chain-link print similar to a bracelet, or maybe a black and white tweed (a la Coco Chanel) would be perfect to re-cover an occasional chair. Or perhaps it's just a rich, bold color that references one of your favorite designer's packaging (like the Hermes orange) or a print you recently saw on the runway (ikat, houndstooth, digital flowers). Side note: when incorporating an accent color, use three pieces of said color sprinkled throughout the room (example: orange pillow, orange box, orange book).

  8. Mix High and Low (like you do with your clothes)

    Splurge on a designer cashmere throw with a great print or pattern, but save on things like picture frames (Aaron Brothers). It's all about balance. We recommend spending on: rugs, custom-made pillows (choose an expensive fabric since you only need a bit), scented candles, couches (pick a classic shape and a solid fabric; you can always recover it later) Save on: lamps (go to flea markets, Ebay, thrift stores), window treatments (one of our favorite ways to cover a window is with a bamboo blind, then add inexpensive panels on the outside for another element of texture), accessories (same as lamps).

  9. Vintage Fashion Ads

    Frame vintage magazine covers or old perfume and luggage ads to create a gallery of prints on a bare wall. They also look cute leaning against a window or wall , especially on a dresser or console. Try Hprints.com or Ebay.

  10. Vintage Chandelier

    Nothing says "old-Hollywood glamour" like a vintage crystal chandelier. It will add a hint of femininity and glamour to any room and looks equally chic with minimal modern décor as it does in more ornate rooms. Try flea markets and local thrift stores.



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