April 29, 2012

Heather Taylor

Ten Ways to Live Artfully

Guest Editor
Fill Your Home with Colorful Paintings Collect Prints and Photography Showcase Your Collection of Art Books Living Art Art Where You Lease Expect It Ceramics as Art Textile as Art Pillow Art The Art of Scent The Best Art Magazine Fill Your Home with Colorful Paintings

Heather Taylor is the owner and director of Taylor De Cordoba (2006) a contemporary art gallery located in the Culver City Arts District of Los Angeles, CA. Taylor De Cordoba exhibits emerging and mid-career artists working within a variety of media. The gallery and its artists have been featured in myriad publications including Frieze, Artforum, V Magazine, Vanity Fair, W Magazine and C Magazine among others.

In addition to running the gallery, Heather has been a longtime contributor to various lifestyle publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Daily Candy, LA Confidential and the Huffington Post, where she writes the bi-monthly column "Chef Speak," featuring LA's chefs of the moment. She also maintains the blog "L.A. in Bloom", where she highlights the best sights, fashion trends and tastes of Los Angeles.

  1. Fill Your Home with Colorful Paintings

    There is nothing like a large scale colorful painting to add vibrancy to your space. Become familiar with the abstract paintings by LA-based painter Hadley Holliday which will be sure to make any wall in your home sing.

  2. Collect Prints and Photography

    Collecting prints and photography can be a great way to build your art collection without breaking the bank. We love the moody self-portraits of San Francisco-based photographer Danielle Nelson Mourning Danielle Nelson Mourning.

  3. Showcase Your Collection of Art Books

    Books speak volumes about their owners personalities and passions so why not put your prettiest books on view? We like to create stacks of art books all around the house - on the coffee table, side tables and even on the floor.

  4. Living Art

    Plants and flowers are the quickest way to bring good energy and life into your home. Turn to floral experts like LA-based Holly Flora who build build geode and succulent filled terrariums.

  5. Art Where You Least Expect It

    Elevate your powder room to near-museum status with a limited edition artist towel, produced by Works on Whatever. Collaborating with art stars like Jeff Koons, Elizabeth Peyton and Kehinde Wiley these towels have turned into collector items.

  6. Ceramics as Art

    Stacks of bowls by LA-based ceramicist and artist Roger Herman can easily bring artistry onto your kitchen counter. These one-of-a-kind handmade bowls can be used functionally or simply as art pieces. Either way, they are meant to be admired.

  7. Textile as Art

    We love shopping the vintage textile and art studio Kneeland Co. for amazing textiles sourced from Mexico, Morrocco and various other exotic locals. Used as pillow cases, wall hangings or table runners, a special textile adds texture and intrigue to your space.

  8. Pillow Art

    Sometimes it's the details that really make a room pop, and hand wood blocked pillows by stylist/artist/textile designer Rachel Craven add the perfect finishing touch to your couch or favorite cozy chair.

  9. The Art of Scent

    Italian beauty line Santa Maria Novella Santa Maria Novella has the best potpourri on the market and will give your home a beautiful and warm scent.

  10. The Best Art Magazine

    A monthly subscription to Artforum, the contemporary art world's unofficial bible, will go a long way in terms of keeping you current on art world trends. And since each issue boasts a beautiful, shiny cover, a pile of past issues makes for artistically-inclined (not to mention useful) decor.



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