July 14, 2012

Wendy Haworth

Ten Sculptural Pieces That Add Personality to a Room

Guest Editor
Natural Hemp Rope Stool by Christian Astuguevieille Torre Stool by Azadeh Shladovsky Reinaldo Ceramic Stool by Reinaldo Sanguino Cairns Teak Side Table by Interlude Home Saber Leg Ottoman by Formations NK Upholstered Hassock Ottoman Teak Stool by Andrianna Shamaris Tabouret Capsule Stool by Herve Van der Straeten Sumba Stool by Serena and lily Franco Albini Stool Natural Hemp Rope Stool by Christian Astuguevieille

A great way to add some personality to a room is with a small sculptural piece of furniture. Most of these pieces below can serve as impromptu seating or double as tables. Stack some books on them when not in use or just have them strategically placed to accept the occasional cocktail.

Here are my favorites:

  1. Natural Hemp Rope Stools by Christian Astuguevieille

    There are many styles and I say yes to all of them. Astuguevieille’s line is my new obsession. Formerly a designer for Hermes, he has crafted a collection of hemp rope covered object that are the perfect blend of timeless chic and unpretentious simplicity.

  2. ‘Torre Stool’ by Azadeh Shladovsky

    Azadeh and I met while studying interior design at UCLA about a decade ago. Her new line of exquisite pieces is a beautiful reflection of her incredible eye and style. I covet all of them.

  3. ‘Reinaldo Ceramic Stool’ by Reinaldo Sanguino

    Any of these one-of-a-kind colorful stools will brighten any space AND they can be used indoors or out.

  4. ‘Cairns Teak Side Table’ by Interlude Home

    This piece is made from a teak root that has been formed and filled in with resin. Genius.

  5. ‘Saber Leg Ottoman’ by Formations

    Formations is one of my favorite showrooms in Los Angeles. Their pieces are well-made, classic and timeless.

  6. ‘NK Upholstered Hassock Ottoman’

    Nickey-Kehoe is an incredible store and talented design team in Los Angeles. These ottomans are available in rich saturated colored leathers (or supply your own) for a laid-back vibe. Available at Nickey-Kehoe.

  7. Teak Stool by Andrianna Shamaris

    When I first arrived in LA, I worked for Andrianna. She is now based in Soho and her shop is jam-packed with chic bohemian treasures that she gathers from her global travels.

  8. Tabouret Capsule’ Stool by Herve Van der Straeten

    Add a bit of color or a metallic accent with these stools.

  9. ’Sumba Stool’ by Serena and Lily

    These are the budget friendliest of this group ($98!).

  10. Franco Albini Stool

    These are vintage but you can find them on Wright20.com, ebay, etsy, 1st Dibs, etc. They’re light, functional and cool.



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