November 24, 2013

Alex Brunkhorst

Ten Homes We Want Right Now

Real Estate

Alex Brunkhorst for Domaine Home.

  1. The Mellon House ($46,000,000)

    Location: New York, New York
    Price: $46,000,000
    Listing type: Townhouse
    Beds/baths: 8/8.5
    Year built: 1965
    Bragging rights: The house was built by Paul Mellon and his wife Bunny, designer of the White House Rose Garden and friend to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
    Amazing amenity: Garden with reflecting pool. In Manhattan.
    Professional opinion: If it’s good enough for Bunny Mellon, it’s good enough for me.

  2. Regency Sanctuary ($1,299,000)

    Location: Beverly Hills, California
    Price: $1,299,000
    Listing type: Single family
    Beds/baths: 2/2
    Year built: 1962
    Bragging rights: That Regency style is quintessentially LA.
    Amazing amenity: City, ocean, Catalina, and mountain views.
    Professional opinion: This is probably my favorite house under $1.3 million to hit LA in a long time. It’s so chic it looks like it’s a movie set.

  3. Rustic Modern Skihouse ($4,950,000)

    Location: Big Sky, Montana
    Price: $4,750,000-4,950,000
    Listing type: Single family
    Beds/baths: 3/3.1
    Year built: 2012
    Bragging rights: Come on, those views.
    Amazing amenity: Did I mention those views? And this is a guest house, which would suit me just fine. No need for a main house here.
    Professional opinion: All I want for Christmas is a ski house and a membership to Yellowstone Club. Santa, baby? I’ve been really good this year.

  4. Wooldon Manor ($48,000,000)

    Location: Southampton, New York
    Price: $48,000,000
    Listing type: Single family
    Beds/baths: 10/10.1
    Year built: 1920s
    Bragging rights: Past owners include Edmund Lynch (founding partner of Merrill Lynch) and Vince Camuto.
    Amazing amenity: Gazebo-style greenhouse with garden and ocean views.
    Professional opinion: I’m re-reading The Great Gatsby and, yep, I’m thinking Hamptons.

  5. Escape to St. Barth's (Price Upon Request)

    Location: Gouverneur, St. Barthelemy
    Price: Price upon request
    Listing type: Single family
    Beds/baths: 4/4.1
    Year built: 2012
    Bragging rights: Designed by architect Francois Pécard. Oh, and all four king en suite bedrooms are housed in separate private bungalows.
    Amazing amenity: That pool. Wow.
    Professional opinion: I’m not even allowing myself to dream about having this one, but when I wake up in a bad mood I do take a quick look at these photos.

  6. Cozy Craftsmen ($899,000)

    Location: Seattle, Washington
    Price: $899,000
    Listing type: Single family
    Beds/baths: 4/2.1
    Year built: 1913
    Bragging rights: Good renovation. (And those are hard to come by.)
    Amazing amenity: Secret kids’ room behind a built-in book case.
    Professional opinion: One of my favorite houses on the market for under a million.

  7. Incomparable Hillside Estate ($6,750,000)

    Location: Los Angeles, California
    Price: $6,750,000
    Listing type: Single family
    Beds/baths: 3/2.2
    Year built: 1920
    Bragging rights: Robert Pattinson.
    Amazing amenity: Fountains, waterfalls, a lagoon pool with city views and several areas for “soulful contemplation” are sprawled across the 1.5 acre grounds.
    Professional opinion: I’m not one who chooses houses based on celeb provenance (promise!) but I’ll very humbly say that I loved this house long before Robert Pattinson bought it.

  8. Majestic Montecito ($13,900,000)

    Location: Montecito, California
    Price: $13,900,000
    Listing type: Single family
    Beds/baths: 12/12
    Year Built: 1895
    Bragging rights: Designed by architect Stanford White. (Who also designed that little structure called Madison Square Garden.)
    Amazing amenity: A hidden tennis court.
    Professional opinion: Sure, Montecito is known for its old Spanishes, which I love, but this Stanford White traditional is so gorgeous. It could use a tiny bit of updating, but let Rose Tarlow or Michael Smith sink their teeth into this one, and you’ll have one of the most stunning traditional estates in California.

  9. French Country Residence ($6,625,000)

    Location: Lake Forest, Illinois
    Price: $6,625,000
    Listing type: Single family
    Beds/baths: 6/6.2
    Year built: 1925
    Bragging rights: The home was inspired by the Ferme le Grand Moulin (Big Mill Farm), in northwestern France.
    Amazing amenity: 17th century fireplace from France.
    Professional opinion: I used to drive by this house growing up and think that I would live there someday. Something went awry, but I’m still trying to figure out what.

  10. Romantic Hidden Spanish ($929,000)

    Location: Atlanta, Georgia
    Price: $929,000
    Listing type: Single Family
    Beds/baths: 2/2
    Year built: 1936
    Bragging rights: The home has been published in several magazines.
    Amazing amenity: The private courtyard is surrounded by beautiful nature and a duck pond.
    Professional opinion: I was enthralled by this one the moment I saw it. This is the house I want in Los Angeles but can’t seem to find.



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