November 28, 2011

Darren Gold

Ten Gifts for the Alpha Man

Guest Editor
  1. The Jawbone Jambox: Most guys have some type of i-Something. With the Jambox you can answer your phone, play music, watch movies, and play video games through the Bluetooth function on your device. The sound from this brick sized speaker is amazing! Great for travel or talking on the phone while you’re in the shower (if you are so inclined).

  2. The Parrot Wireless Speakers designed by Phillipe Starck: These speakers are form and function at its best. The flawlessly designed speakers could blow out a huge party or add a stylish design element to your living room. Bluetooth and wireless compatible, the only cord you need is the one that goes into the wall.

  3. The Z Curve Bow: Talk about Alpha Man! The kid in every guy is not very far below the surface and this bow and arrow set is a great way to satisfy the “little guy” within. It’s also great for father/son gifts.

  4. Everything On It by Shel Silverstein: This one may be a little deceiving as an “ultimate gift” for the Alpha Guy. However, every guy has a soft side, especially when it comes to nostalgia. Men from my generation were raised on Shel Silverstein, so the childhood memory overpowers any feelings of tenderness. Everything On It was just released this week and is a thoughtful gift for the thinking man.

  5. Graffiti Martini Shaker: Any Alpha guy already has his bar taken care of. This shaker, however, is something he won’t have. I love items that are a great conversation piece as well as functional for the home. People will pick this up and wonder if you have become a graffiti artist in your off time before realizing it is actually a shaker!

  6. Cool Kicks: These grey wool sneakers by Radii might not be something a guy would by for himself, however, they will quickly become one of his favorite pairs. They are the perfect match for a pair of jeans or a dark suit. I am a big fan of wearing sneakers with dressed up looks, but it has to be done right. Sneaks like these are made from suiting-type fabric, so they’re naturally more formal than your basic sneaker.

  7. Tabletop Air Hockey: This one speaks for itself! Battery operated and fits on any table.

  8. Vintage Signs: I am obsessed with these wooden signs that you can have personalized and sent directly to your recipient. They’re sort of like art, but with a little kitsch, and the personalization aspect makes it a kick-ass gift. For example, where it says “Your Host…” you can put anything you want. From surf to ski to camping and automotive, no guy's going to be disappointed when this shows up.

  9. Artwork: Art is the ultimate “out of the box” gift. It is something that cannot be found everywhere and can be added to any collection. Art is a very personal matter to most people, so paintings are perfect gifts. Those of you who live in LA can stop by Alpha in person to take a look.

  10. Magazine Subscriptions: I love giving magazine subscriptions. I am particular to New York Magazine (even though I live in LA). It is an all around great cultural magazine with something for everyone. The great thing about magazines is you can buy them online, add a personal message and you’re done. Plus, if they renew their subscription (or if you’re feeling extra generous and do it for them), your gift will keep on giving year after year.



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