November 28, 2011

Carly Cylinder

Ten Floral Care Tips

Guest Editor
  1. Change the water everyday. Everyday?! Well, at least every other day. By far, the best way to prolong flowers is to change the water, so that they can drink fresh water and rehydrate. Have an arrangement? Flush out the water by placing the whole vase under the faucet.

  2. Cut the stems on a slant. Before you place the flowers in water, cut the stems on an angle. This creates more surface space to allow for better water absorption. Ideally, you will re-cut the stem every time you change the water.

  3. No leaves below the water. Probably the most important care tip of all. The leaves create bacteria, which cause the flowers to die faster (and smell).

  4. Keep flowers cool. Tropical flowers generally don’t mind the heat. Wondering why your hydrangea died in a matter of hours? They really hate the heat. So do a lot of flowers, so keep them out of the direct sun. Place them in the fridge for an hour or two to cool off on a hot day.

  5. Orchids. Potted orchids are the most popular option for homes and offices. They last a couple of months and are easy to take care of. Less is more with these guys. Add only one cup of water every ten days, and keep out of direct sunlight. That’s it.

  6. The flower food myth. Probably my least favorite myth of all. Change the water everyday and the buds will last just as long or longer than by adding flower food, or anything else like aspirin or bleach.

  7. Forcing open buds. Most flowers can be forced open. Simply use your thumb and forefinger to gently pry open the petals by lifting them back.

  8. Pollen. If you love those fragrant lilies, be sure to pick out the red pollen that will stain whatever it touches. Simply pull it off the stamen and dispose.

  9. Freshness. It’s simple. If the flowers are soft, that means they are old. Place your palm on top of the heads to test for firmness.

  10. Enjoy your flowers ... Take a moment to smell the roses.



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