• Alex Brunkhorst

    Ten Nonprofits We Love

    Whether you're in it for the tax deduction or for more altruistic reasons, 'tis the time of year to give in various ways to your favorite causes. There are so many good ones out there, and we've compiled a list of a few of our favorites as a guideline for those of you too lazy (or busy fretting over the fiscal cliff) to do your own research. Our suggestions range the gamut - from helping our veterans to coaching football - so if you can't find something here it's you, not us.

    And remember ... 'Tis better to give than receive. Or, at least, equally as good. Read More

  • Tobe Reed

    Ten Natural Items in Decor Editor

    I love today’s story on a number of different levels.

    As with every story, it all starts with the guest editor. And today we have one of my favorite bloggers, Tobe Reed, from the great site BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME.

    Be it design, typography, fashion or interiors, Tobe has fancied the arts from a young age. This led to a career in the field of graphic arts, and a passion for all things design-related. After countless years as a reader, Tobe began writing her own blog, appropriately titled Because It’s Awesome, which chronicles her many influences and admirations, and even a bit of her own work and home decor choices. Her BLOG is one of my daily reads, and I know when you click over it will be one of yours as well.

    Today Tobe's writing about natural materials in the home. Technology and manmade beauty are everywhere, but there's something still so beautiful about materials indigenous to our environment. Tobe has chosen fantastic photos to show us how to incorporate good old-fashioned nature into our lives. Take a look and be inspired!


  • Clare Vivier

    The Fashionable World of Clare Vivier Editor

    For the longest time "chic handbag" meant ridiculously expensive. That is, until today's guest editor CLARE VIVIER came along and shook things up.

    As in the case of many successful products, Clare created her handbag line out of a need - in her case, she was looking for a chic way to carry her laptop. Soon after, she launched her eponymous line of handbags and, well, the rest is history. Clare's collaborations have included those with Theory, Refinery 29, Steven Alan, Commune, Wren, and Jasmin Shokrian. And her handbags - everything from clutches to overnight bags - are a favorite of celebrities, Downtowners, and Uptowners alike. There's not a single cool girl we know that doesn't own one of Clare's bags.

    Yes despite the beyond cool handbag line, the hot store in Silverlake, and the huge brand recognition, we love the Los Angeles-based Clare because she's warm, sweet, accessible, and still as passionate about her line now as when she first started. We are so so thrilled to have Clare with us today to talk handbags, icons, and home. And, of course, for those of you who don't own your own Clare Vivier bag yet, CLICK HERE ASAP. We promise her bags are the chicest, quickest way to the best dressed award at any party.

    For a list of stores that carry Clare's line, please CLICK HERE.

    Photo of Clare from from Jeana Sohn's wonderful site CLOSET VISIT.
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  • Scott Mitchell

    Alex Chats Design with Scott Mitchell Editor

    In an age of "celebrity" everything, I think it's pretty cool when you meet someone who tries to be under the radar.

    It may or not be working in the case of the fabulous designer, architect, and landscape designer extraordinare SCOTT MITCHELL. Despite his every effort to the contrary, Scott's prodigious talent is putting him on everyone's radar and design A-lists. Scott's clients range from ... well, people you've heard of, but we don't mention here because neither does Scott. Suffice it to say some of the world's greatest tastemakers have brought Scott in to make their homes perfect.

    Scott's resume is one of the most impressive around. Before starting Scott Mitchell Studio in 1999, Scott worked at Stephen Miller Siegel & Associates and with Preston T. Phillips, a former protégé of architect Paul Rudolph. Following his time in New York, Scott completed an internship in Norman Foster’s London office, and then moved back to the US to continue his studies at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). Under the mentorship of architects Richard Meier and the late Charles Gwathmey, Scott has spent the past 20 years developing his practice.

    I've been fortunate enough to get a peek at some of Scott's incredible projects. I'm most struck by his use of rich materials, light, texture and, in the cases of new construction, siting. Yet most interesting to me is that every one of Scott's projects speaks directly about the client more than the designer. That is a true talent.

    I caught up with Scott last week at one of his incredible projects - an incredible seven year-in-the-making compound on six acres overlooking the ocean in Malibu. Over lunch at the Malibu Country Mart Scott chatted design, his own house (which I've been to ... I assure you he's being way too modest in its description), and simplicity.
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  • Alex Brunkhorst

    Ten Ways to Incorporate Wildlife into Your Home

    Our friends over at Who What Wear ran a great piece entitled ANIMAL PLANET highlighting one of fall’s hottest trends: Animals.

    Sure, wildlife looks great on sweaters, shirts, and on long model legs, but for the longest time we have thought animal accents are key for the perfect room too.

    Here are our ten very cool ways to incorporate one of fall’s most awesome trends into your home style.
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  • Jeanine Hays

    Ten Ways to Bring Cultural Style Home Editor

    Today I'm incredibly honored to be joined by one of interior design's most respected and creative forces on the web: Jeanine Hays, Creative Director & Founder of AphroChic . Originally taking shape as interior design blog, AphroChic became a place for Jeanine, a former policy attorney, to escape the stresses of legal work and share her passion for design.

    Jeanine's story is truly one of my favorites. Our style is so often infused with a bit of copycat (our neighbor has it!), and I feel as if so much of what we see is the same. Below, Jeanine talks, in her usual fun and refreshing tone, about how we can bring worldwide cultural style into our homes. I know from a personal standpoint one of my biggest "talked about pieces" in my own home is an oversized basket I have in the middle of my floor. After reading today's article I'm encouraged to buy other pieces to make my home unique and cultural. Thanks, Jeanine!