November 28, 2011

Alex Brunkhorst

Our Black Friday Guide

  1. NEIMAN MARCUS: Neiman’s has been on sale for a while now but that doesn’t mean you can’t find what you want. Merchandise is constantly being reshifted and some has been held-back by personal shoppers and put back on the floor. We want that Chloe Cutout Leather Bodice Dress. And then we’ll trust the date to wear it to will follow.

  2. BEST BUY: If you’re a Bungalux reader, we know your goal was to be the first in line at Best Buy to snag that one 55 inch flat screen in the whole chain. Sorry, kids. You’re too late. A couple in St. Petersburg (Florida, not Russia) set up camp on Nov. 14th. There are still other good deals to be had though. Maybe on the 48 inch?

  3. APPLE: Want lines? Frantic shopping? Go to Apple on a non-Black Friday. Apple typically doesn’t offer the best sales, but they’ll generally give you $100 or so off on selected products. And, yes, some things are worth paying retail for.

  4. BARNEYS: The Barneys shoe department is still our version of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and now so much of it is on sale. By the way, that Carven High Throat Pump is on our wish list, so you eight-and-a-halfs better not buy it before we do. Even the name sounds fetish-y.

  5. TOYS R US: Toys R Us is going on sale Thanksgiving night at 9 PM. This will never apply to us, as our future kids will skip the “toy” phase and go right into learning HTML at age two. That happens, right? Maybe that’s where that future husband’s genes come in.

  6. WALMART: Just the thought of it makes us want to go back to bed. That said, Walmart plain and simply has some of the best deals around. So, for those of you who started an Internet company this year and have no extra cash it’s one of the best spots to go sale shopping. (Wait, that’s us. Oh no.)

  7. AMAZON: Amazon doesn’t advertise its Black Friday sale ahead of time, but every year it manages to meet or beat almost every other sale price out there. So, for those of you who don’t want your Aston to get dinged in the Walmart parking lot, we advise you click over to Amazon from the comforts of your Greenwich country estate.

  8. TARGET: Target’s ad campaign revolves around the fact that they are NOT opening on Thanksgiving but instead keeping Thanksgiving sacred. Target, that’s really sweet, but we’re selling your shares short based on that announcement.

  9. ONE KINGS LANE: It’s always Black Friday at One Kings. One of our favorite flash sale sites, you can find stuff you actually LIKE by great designers.

  10. JETSETTER.COM: Tired yet? So are we. So pop on our favorite flash sale travel site and take a really good exotic vaca to the Maldives or sign up for that mogul class in Aspen you’ve been thinking of going to. The upshot? You can avoid Black Friday altogether.



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