January 3, 2012

Alex Brunkhorst

Alex's Picks: Great Luxury Homes in LA for Under a Million

Real Estate
Courtyard Spanish Courtyard Spanish
Courtyard Spanish

When I conceived of Bungalux around a year ago, it was as a place to showcase some of the best homes for sale. We then added lifestyle, product, and design elements to finish out the houses our readers were buying.

Importantly, I never intended to feature only expensive homes. Yet so many of the people who read our content focus on the occasional thirty million dollar mansion or twenty million dollar shell of an apartment. Sure, aspirational residences are fun to look at (I spend hours getting design ideas from them) but, alas, most of us will never live in one.

And so, in that spirit, this month’s real estate picks were particularly fun for me. I plucked out my favorite places in Los Angeles UNDER a million dollars. Some of you Midwesterners will get a bit of sticker shock to see what places in Los Angeles are going for, but I don’t set the prices ... I just pick the places. Oh, and the buildings I’ve chosen have housed Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Louis L’Amour, Marlon Brando, and many other Hollywood luminaries, so there's lots of good creative energy here.

  1. Ocean High Rise ($995,000)

  2. Sweet Traditional ($949,000)

  3. Courtyard Spanish ($899,999)

  4. Glam Pied-a-Terre ($849,000)

  5. Georgeous WeHo Condo ($849,000)

  6. Broughton House ($799,000)

  7. Hancock Park Traditional ($789,000)

  8. Norma Craftsman ($729,000)

  9. The Andalusia ($650,000)

  10. Hollywood Riviera ($348,000)



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