December 19, 2011

Alex Brunkhorst

Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Kids

StarCraft II Hot Wheels Video Racer uDraw Game Tablet Hex Crab Lego's Version of Fallingwater Lalaloopsy Kidrobot Yo Gabba Gabba Duovision Microscope Beyblade Air Swimmer StarCraft II

Since we know our Bungalux readers have really great, well-deserving kids, we grabbed our contributing editor Andrea Rapke (who knows everything about everything) and we assembled a pretty spectacular list for every cool kid who’s been “nice” this past year.

We assure you our picks will cover your future filmmakers, F1 drivers, software developers, architects, engineers … and everyone in between.

Toying has come a long way, baby, so take a look below at what's cool.

  1. Video Games:

    Enough bad rap about video games. We grew up on adventure games and turned out smart and socially … um… okay? (Kind of?) Our favorite is StarCraft II for teens (and smart adults). Coincidentally, Zelda started a new adventure Skyward Sword just in time for Christmas, and the latest installment in the Elder Scrolls series Skyrim is perfect for your fantasy-buff boys.

  2. Hot Wheels Video Racer:

    The Ferrari of the future filmmaking set or F1 driver. Shoot (drive). Cut. Premiere.

  3. UDraw Game Tablet for Wii :

    Budding Picassos and Hirsts no longer have to draw on the walls, drip paint on the Knoll, or vivisect the family pet. Wii has a new product that works with your kids' imaginations on your flat screen. Think of it as a junior version of Photoshop.

  4. Hex Bugs:

    Bugs. Remote controls. A Toy of the Year 2012 nomination. When the world (or 2011) ends all that will be left besides Wall-E will be the newest insect robot. Need we say more?

  5. Legos:

    Legos have gotten pretty amazing. Kids can create cities, Star Wars battleships, and even architectural icons like Fallingwater and Rockefeller Center. We assure you our children are going to be the ones creating their own Lego Burj Khalifa at the age of one.

  6. Lalaloopsy:

    It’s finally happened. Something similar to a Cabbage Patch Kid, but much less scary than an American Girl. IVF has finally arrived on the toy scene. Adoption without the hassle and a new pet to match.

  7. Kidrobot Yo Gabba Gabba :

    Kidrobot is offering collectors editions of the most popular show in the toddler world. If you aren't into "Gabba"' and you have progeny, or even know one, you're not as smart as you thought you were.

  8. Beyblade:

    Japanese Manga amazingness. Fighting and things we grown-ups don't (and won't) get. Ever.

  9. Air Swimmers:

    Remember when we were kids we had remote controlled cars? Well, this is the way cooler version of that.

  10. Duovision:

    View everything from a microbe to the moon with the GeoSafari DuoVision Microscope and Telescope Set. Actually, we may add this one to our own list.



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