July 22, 2012

Gabrielle Savoie

Dream Home Wish List

Guest Editor
A Colored Front Door Built-In Bookcases Dark, Dramatic and Moody Room My Favorite Wallpapers A Grand Entry A Perfectly Sweet and Sunny Breakfast Nook A Canopy Bed A Spacious Master Bath with Soak Tub A Lush and Well Appointed Backyard A Secret Tennis Court A Colored Front Door

I love Dream Home Wish List, the subject of today’s article by Gabrielle Savoie, the voice behind SAVVY HOME.

I have long been a fan of Gabrielle’s, as I feel as if we have very similar taste and her blog is one of the most beautiful on the web. Gabrielle describes her style as “timeless elegance with a dash of humor,” which is exactly what we aspire to be at Bungalux. When I approached her to do the piece and she suggested she write an article on a Dream Home Wish List, I thought it was really interesting. After all, we all have our own idea of our dream home. One person’s tennis court may be another one’s swimming pool; one person’s feminine wallpaper may be another’s neutral living room.

I adore Gabrielle’s Dream Home Wish List and many of her dream home ideas would have made my list as well. In addition, as always, the Montreal-native plucked out the most beautiful, to-die-for photos. I can’t wait to hear your reactions to the piece. Do take a look at Gabrielle's site SAVVY HOME. I promise when you do it will turn into a daily read. It is for me.

Oh, and for those of you who have your own ideas of what's in your dream home, send them in!

When Alex asked me to be a guest editor on Bungalux, I thought it only fitting to talk about dream homes. After all, how dreamy are some of the listings here on Bungalux? If you're anything like me, you constantly daydream about your ideal home - what will the layout be? What color will you paint your bedroom walls? So on and so forth. Well after enough of these mental exercises, I came up with a list of items that will need to be in my dream home someday. And if you're about to buy your dream home, take these as inspiration!

What would be on your dream home wish list?

  1. A Colorful Front Door

    It's a must to give your home the great first impression it deserves. Bonus points for coordinating your blooms with the color of the door.

  2. Built-In Bookcases ...

    ... preferably in a bright vibrant color like this one. It ideally would also have wallpapered back walls and art hung between the cases. I'm thinking of this for the perfectly girly glam office.

  3. At Least One Dark, Dramatic and Moody Room ...

    ... where to retreat on a rainy day. I'm thinking maybe a TV room or a library.

  4. My Favorite Wallpapers ...

    ... one of them being Katie Ridder's "Leaf." I'm thinking it would look stunning in a guest room or maybe even the master bedroom, that's if I'm feeling brave.

  5. A Grand Entrance

    It would of course include a pedestal table, Chinese ming vases, fresh blooms, more built-in bookcases and art.

  6. A Perfectly Sweet and Sunny Breakfast Nook ...

    ... with a bay window and a built-in bench painted in a Tiffany blue to match the kitchen cabinets. Why not feel like you're having breakfast inside a Tiffany box?

  7. A Canopy Bed is a Must

    It adds height in a bedroom as well as a sense of security much needed in a bedroom. I love canopy beds with plush headboards and camouflaged sconces for reading.

  8. A Spacious Master Bath with Soak Tub

    It needs to have a killer view, marble walls or tiles, and it needs to be well appointed with a beautiful chair or a side stool to prop a book and other what-nots.

  9. A Spacious Lush and Well Appointed Backyard ...

    ... for entertaining with a great big pool and essentially chic herringbone brick flooring.

  10. A Secret Tennis Court

    I love playing tennis, but I love playing tennis at home even more! That's not too much to ask surely?



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