• Meridith Baer

    Staging with Meridith Baer Editor

    Although many people think the coolest part of my job is seeing fantastic houses, in reality, the best part of my job by far is coming in contact with amazingly talented people. And Meredith Baer is definitely one of those incredible talents.

    Imagine how hard it is to pick out a single sofa for a living room, and then imagine furnishing, top-to-bottom and head-to-toe, a 10,000 square foot house in a few days. I can't, but Meridith, Brett Baer, and the rest of her team manage to do just that. They are superstars in the world of both house staging and design. Time and time (and time) again they create magic through their staging, and I've seen it directly translate to faster sales and higher prices.

    I had the opportunity to chat with Meridith, (who's not only a star in my world - she's now the star of HGTV's "Staged to Perfection"). Take a look at our Top Ten to get some insight and advice from Meridith on dressing up your house. Whether you're an agent or a seller, Meridith's advice is invaluable.

    Thanks, Meridith, and I'll see you, Brett, and the rest of the gang on our next project.
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