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    Ten Questions for Alexis

    I’m so busy these days that I often need two different people to tell me about something before I take particular note of it. In the case of my new love affair with Contrarian clothing, it went down something like this: My best friend had sent me an invitation to Contrarian’s trunk show at the Chateau Marmont, raving about the line. And then that same evening I was procrastinating looking at celebrity sites (me? no!) and found a great picture of Taylor Swift in an if-I-ever-have-a-date-I-want-to-wear-THAT lavender dress. I looked up the designer and, sure enough, it was Contrarian. (It was Contrarian’s Bibb dress to be exact.)

    As happens, I then got swept into the Look Book and ended up plucking out a bunch of pieces that I had to have. Like Contrarian fans Swift, Katie Holmes, and many others, I fell in love with the cool designs. They’re the perfect pieces to take from work to out, and the price point is cool too, around $300-400 for most of the pieces in the collection. In addition, the collection is all made in the United States and we always try to promote American-born-and-bred products on Bungalux.

    Last week, I caught up at the Hotel Bel Air with Contrarian founder Alexis Laken. The chic, blonde Chicago-born designer, who started Contrarian after many years at Alice & Olivia, chatted with me about her fashion must-have’s and her own sense of style for home and play.
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    Alex's Ten Whimsical Product Picks

    Summer gives us an excuse to be less serious and more fun ... to add a touch of color or whimsy to our lives (and our homes.) From my favorite nesting bowls to Banana Republic's recent collaboration (just in time for summer!) to the votives which are burning bright on my own coffee table ... here's a peek at my recent whimsical summer buys. I've tried to keep the price point down ... in fact, many of my finds are under $100.

    And, of course, I always encourage everyone to come at me with your own ideas. That's why we launched the discussion boards below. Those of you who know me know I'm shy, so I don't always like to be the only one talking. Really. Read More

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    Ten Romantic Rooms Estate

    As a companion piece to my article on Valentine's Day, I pulled together ten of my favorite romantic rooms from houses currently on the market. There are infinitely many and I know I missed some, but take a look to find inspiration for romanticizing your life ... whatever your definition of romance. Read More

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    Alex's Picks: Great Luxury Homes in LA for Under a Million Estate

    When I conceived of Bungalux around a year ago, it was as a place to showcase some of the best homes for sale. We then added lifestyle, product, and design elements to finish out the houses our readers were buying.

    Importantly, I never intended to feature only expensive homes. Yet so many of the people who read our content focus on the occasional thirty million dollar mansion or twenty million dollar shell of an apartment. Sure, aspirational residences are fun to look at (I spend hours getting design ideas from them) but, alas, most of us will never live in one.

    And so, in that spirit, this month’s real estate picks were particularly fun for me. I plucked out my favorite places in Los Angeles UNDER a million dollars. Some of you Midwesterners will get a bit of sticker shock to see what places in Los Angeles are going for, but I don’t set the prices ... I just pick the places. Oh, and the buildings I’ve chosen have housed Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Louis L’Amour, Marlon Brando, and many other Hollywood luminaries, so there's lots of good creative energy here. Read More

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    Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Kids

    Since we know our Bungalux readers have really great, well-deserving kids, we grabbed our contributing editor Andrea Rapke (who knows everything about everything) and we assembled a pretty spectacular list for every cool kid who’s been “nice” this past year.

    We assure you our picks will cover your future filmmakers, F1 drivers, software developers, architects, engineers … and everyone in between.

    Toying has come a long way, baby, so take a look below at what's cool. Read More

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    Gifts in Every Price Range: Alex's List

    So this Christmas list happens to be mine too, but it has items that work for boyfriends, girlfriends, clients, friends, and everyone in between. So, Santa Baby, pull out your checkbook or the Amex Black Card because here are some perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Read More