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    Winter Wonderland: Ten Swoon-Worthy Chalets Estate

    When DOMAINE HOME asked me to swing on by and pick a few of my favorite ski places on the market ... well, let's just say it was my version of a winter fairytale. Though there's something fun about "beach," I admit with X Games, Sundance, and the Olympics in the near past and future the slopes are feeling much more appealing than ever.

    So, if you're looking for a place to ski, snowboard, or just plain apres-ski (no coordination necessary for that .. well maybe a little ...), take a peek at ten great spots to do just that. So from Gstaad to Aspen, let the Snow Games begin. Read More

  • Alex Brunkhorst

    Ten Homes We Want Right Now Estate

    Alex Brunkhorst for Domaine Home. Read More

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    Ten Homes For Halloween Estate

    When Domaine Home asked me to write about Halloween real estate, I admit I had a moment when I didn't believe I was up to the task. But then our editor Eleanor Donohue and I got to work: And what we found were a few purportedly haunted spots (including one of my favorites in Lake Forest, Illinois) and a bunch of places that are beautiful AND perfect for penning your next horror novel or just plain scaring trick-or-treaters. Hmmm. Who needs modern? It's all about castles now. Read More

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    Ten Amazing Vacation Homes Estate

    Tips for Vacation Home Buying:

    1. Choose a good real estate agent. This is obvious for any purchase, but particularly when buying a vacation home. Most likely you don’t know the ins-and-outs of a foreign market, so work with someone who does.

    2. “Too good to be true” often is. That four bedroom shingle house in the Hamptons with a pool for $500K? Before you stick it on your Black AMEX do some checking. Maybe it’s sitting on a rarely used runway at East Hampton airport or in a mosquito protection area.

    3. Visit the house you’re buying in person. Remember that guy you met on who looked so cute in photos? Vacation homes are often the real estate equivalent. Photos lie.

    4. Consider investment objectives. If times turn the vacation home is the first to go. Is the area blue chip and saleable? Should you need to lease it out, is it a viable and/or profitable rental?

    5. Don’t make an emotional buy. A vacation home is one of life’s ultimate luxuries, but you still need to be practical about it. Is the house in an area you’d want to visit during all seasons? (Ski destinations are great second homes because they’re fantastic in summer too.) Sure, Marbella sounds great, but is there stuff for the kids to do there? Does the area have easy in-out-access or does it take you a weekend to get there? Are you buying on a lake but hate lakes? The last is a true story from one of my clients, so think it through.

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    Ten Nonprofits We Love

    Whether you're in it for the tax deduction or for more altruistic reasons, 'tis the time of year to give in various ways to your favorite causes. There are so many good ones out there, and we've compiled a list of a few of our favorites as a guideline for those of you too lazy (or busy fretting over the fiscal cliff) to do your own research. Our suggestions range the gamut - from helping our veterans to coaching football - so if you can't find something here it's you, not us.

    And remember ... 'Tis better to give than receive. Or, at least, equally as good. Read More

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    Ten Ways to Incorporate Wildlife into Your Home

    Our friends over at Who What Wear ran a great piece entitled ANIMAL PLANET highlighting one of fall’s hottest trends: Animals.

    Sure, wildlife looks great on sweaters, shirts, and on long model legs, but for the longest time we have thought animal accents are key for the perfect room too.

    Here are our ten very cool ways to incorporate one of fall’s most awesome trends into your home style.
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