• Gabrielle Savoie

    Dream Home Wish List Editor

    I love Dream Home Wish List, the subject of today’s article by Gabrielle Savoie, the voice behind SAVVY HOME.

    I have long been a fan of Gabrielle’s, as I feel as if we have very similar taste and her blog is one of the most beautiful on the web. Gabrielle describes her style as “timeless elegance with a dash of humor,” which is exactly what we aspire to be at Bungalux. When I approached her to do the piece and she suggested she write an article on a Dream Home Wish List, I thought it was really interesting. After all, we all have our own idea of our dream home. One person’s tennis court may be another one’s swimming pool; one person’s feminine wallpaper may be another’s neutral living room.

    I adore Gabrielle’s Dream Home Wish List and many of her dream home ideas would have made my list as well. In addition, as always, the Montreal-native plucked out the most beautiful, to-die-for photos. I can’t wait to hear your reactions to the piece. Do take a look at Gabrielle's site SAVVY HOME. I promise when you do it will turn into a daily read. It is for me.

    Oh, and for those of you who have your own ideas of what's in your dream home, send them in!

    When Alex asked me to be a guest editor on Bungalux, I thought it only fitting to talk about dream homes. After all, how dreamy are some of the listings here on Bungalux? If you're anything like me, you constantly daydream about your ideal home - what will the layout be? What color will you paint your bedroom walls? So on and so forth. Well after enough of these mental exercises, I came up with a list of items that will need to be in my dream home someday. And if you're about to buy your dream home, take these as inspiration!

    What would be on your dream home wish list?
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  • Wendy Haworth

    Ten Sculptural Pieces That Add Personality to a Room Editor

    A great way to add some personality to a room is with a small sculptural piece of furniture. Most of these pieces below can serve as impromptu seating or double as tables. Stack some books on them when not in use or just have them strategically placed to accept the occasional cocktail.

    Here are my favorites:
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  • Alexandra von Furstenberg

    Ten Questions for Alexandra Editor

    Alexandra von Furstenberg is the epitome of what Bungalux is about ... chic, cool, beautiful, and sophisticated.

    Alexandra attended the Parsons School of Design and Brown University, where she studied costume design and art history. In 1995, Alexandra joined the design team of her mother-in-law, American fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg. During her ten year career at DVF as Creative Director and later as Director of Image, Alexandra was instrumental in the re-launch of the iconic wrap dress as well as reinforcing the relevance of this American brand.

    After relocating to Los Angeles in 2006, Alexandra focused on designing exclusively for the home. A synthesis of art, home furnishings and fashion, her collection consists of signed, limited edition pieces made out of acrylic – a nod to the 1970s when acrylic was widely regarded as the material of the future.

    Alexandra’s gorgeous eye-catching acrylic pieces range from small to big, and are all different price points. I am in love with the whole line so it’s tough for me to pick favorites, but I recommended the tray in my recent style picks, I love the bowls, and the side tables will be my first purchase when I make it big.

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  • Heather Taylor

    Ten Ways to Live Artfully Editor

    Heather Taylor is the owner and director of Taylor De Cordoba (2006) a contemporary art gallery located in the Culver City Arts District of Los Angeles, CA. Taylor De Cordoba exhibits emerging and mid-career artists working within a variety of media. The gallery and its artists have been featured in myriad publications including Frieze, Artforum, V Magazine, Vanity Fair, W Magazine and C Magazine among others.

    In addition to running the gallery, Heather has been a longtime contributor to various lifestyle publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Daily Candy, LA Confidential and the Huffington Post, where she writes the bi-monthly column "Chef Speak," featuring LA's chefs of the moment. She also maintains the blog "L.A. in Bloom", where she highlights the best sights, fashion trends and tastes of Los Angeles. Read More

  • Andrea Rapke

    Up The Sexy Quotient in Your Kitchen Editor

    We already established a few months ago that the kitchen rivals the bedroom as one of the sexiest spots in your house.

    We buy lingerie for the bedroom, but what to buy for the kitchen?

    Since we know nothing about that sort of thing, frequent Bungalux Contributing Editor Andrea Rapke, Founder of the Organized Move, volunteered to help out.

    So, here’s the version of Eres and La Perla for the kitchen. Now we're assuming the ever-elusive boyfriend will follow. Interested parties can apply here. Read More

  • Simone LeBlanc

    Valentine's Day Gift Giving Editor

    “Gift giving is an art; it’s the moment to communicate in a way that is unique to you. In order to convey the idea of an abstract feeling, create a simple gesture of thanks, or build your pièce de résistance for that important occasion, you give a piece of yourself to be received by another. The art lies in the balance of generosity and gratitude, the simple act of giving and receiving.”

    Simone LeBlanc, who has a thriving gifting company in Los Angeles, makes an art of extraordinary gift-giving and works closely with her private clients to create meaningful and often luxe presents that impress. She's a gifting guru to many of LA's luxe-level insiders is used to creating dream Vday gifts for her clients: from custom built shoe cabinets filled with Louboutins to jewelry collections that can make even the most jaded girl swoon.

    For those who desire the truly unique, Simone's been known to dig deep for unique treasures and collaborate with artisans in order to create one of a kind, heartfelt gifts — from heirloom jewelry and hand painted family trees to finding and engraving 40 collectible antique watches with personal messages at a moments notice.

    Here are Simone's wonderful and unique luxe suggestions for Valentine's Day.

    "Art for the Heart" Image courtesy Kimberly Books and Taylor De Cordoba, Los Angeles.
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