• Andrea Rapke

    Top Ten Tips for Throwing an Over-the-Top Super Bowl Party Drink

    Okay, so neither the Packers nor the Eagles are playing for a victory in the Super Bowl. (Tom Brady, it's so not fair. How come you're hot, you're married to Gisele and you're in the Super Bowl? If we were guys we'd long ago be calling foul.)

    Instead of being sore losers, we at Bungalux have decided to take the high road to Indianapolis and actually partake in the big day by having our own Super Bowl party. Why? First off, we'll be so busy being hostesses we won't actually watch the game. Secondly, well, you know us. Any excuse to have a party and we're in.

    That all being said, we're decidedly snobbish when it comes to entertaining. If you're a snob at heart or just getting in touch with your inner snob, here are our tips for a hot Super Bowl party.
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  • Alex Brunkhorst

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