• Alex Brunkhorst

    Ten Questions for Alexis

    I’m so busy these days that I often need two different people to tell me about something before I take particular note of it. In the case of my new love affair with Contrarian clothing, it went down something like this: My best friend had sent me an invitation to Contrarian’s trunk show at the Chateau Marmont, raving about the line. And then that same evening I was procrastinating looking at celebrity sites (me? no!) and found a great picture of Taylor Swift in an if-I-ever-have-a-date-I-want-to-wear-THAT lavender dress. I looked up the designer and, sure enough, it was Contrarian. (It was Contrarian’s Bibb dress to be exact.)

    As happens, I then got swept into the Look Book and ended up plucking out a bunch of pieces that I had to have. Like Contrarian fans Swift, Katie Holmes, and many others, I fell in love with the cool designs. They’re the perfect pieces to take from work to out, and the price point is cool too, around $300-400 for most of the pieces in the collection. In addition, the collection is all made in the United States and we always try to promote American-born-and-bred products on Bungalux.

    Last week, I caught up at the Hotel Bel Air with Contrarian founder Alexis Laken. The chic, blonde Chicago-born designer, who started Contrarian after many years at Alice & Olivia, chatted with me about her fashion must-have’s and her own sense of style for home and play.
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