• Alex Brunkhorst

    Ten Ways to Incorporate Wildlife into Your Home

    Our friends over at Who What Wear ran a great piece entitled ANIMAL PLANET highlighting one of fall’s hottest trends: Animals.

    Sure, wildlife looks great on sweaters, shirts, and on long model legs, but for the longest time we have thought animal accents are key for the perfect room too.

    Here are our ten very cool ways to incorporate one of fall’s most awesome trends into your home style.
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  • Alex Brunkhorst

    Alex's Ten Whimsical Product Picks

    Summer gives us an excuse to be less serious and more fun ... to add a touch of color or whimsy to our lives (and our homes.) From my favorite nesting bowls to Banana Republic's recent collaboration (just in time for summer!) to the votives which are burning bright on my own coffee table ... here's a peek at my recent whimsical summer buys. I've tried to keep the price point down ... in fact, many of my finds are under $100.

    And, of course, I always encourage everyone to come at me with your own ideas. That's why we launched the discussion boards below. Those of you who know me know I'm shy, so I don't always like to be the only one talking. Really. Read More

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    Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Kids

    Since we know our Bungalux readers have really great, well-deserving kids, we grabbed our contributing editor Andrea Rapke (who knows everything about everything) and we assembled a pretty spectacular list for every cool kid who’s been “nice” this past year.

    We assure you our picks will cover your future filmmakers, F1 drivers, software developers, architects, engineers … and everyone in between.

    Toying has come a long way, baby, so take a look below at what's cool. Read More

  • Alex Brunkhorst

    Gifts in Every Price Range: Alex's List

    So this Christmas list happens to be mine too, but it has items that work for boyfriends, girlfriends, clients, friends, and everyone in between. So, Santa Baby, pull out your checkbook or the Amex Black Card because here are some perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Read More

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    Ten Ways to Brighten Your Holiday with Candles

    We’re starting December by teaming up with the fabulous candle site to offer a discount to all Bungalux members. Click over to the Candles off Main site and use coupon code BUNGALUX to save 10% off your first order. This coupon will expire 12/31.

    Here are a few of our favorite holiday candles. Read More

  • Alex Brunkhorst

    Our Black Friday Guide