January 5, 2013

We've Got Our Eye on You ...

Four New Hotels to Experience in 2013…

Amanzo'e Amanzo'e Amanzo'e Amanzo'e Vamizi Vamizi Vamizi Botanique Botanique Dorado Dorado Dorado Dorado Amanzo'e

I had lunch with Denise Moreno from GLOBAL BLACK BOOK last week and left, well, dreaming of luxury travel.

With GLOBAL BLACK BOOK , Denise and her co-founder Gordon J. MacGeachy have created a trusted network of the world's most exclusive travel and lifestyle management services. Sure, everyone's quick to go to discount bulk travel sites nowadays, but in the world of luxury travel don't we all want our vacation to be a vacation?

Yes! And, put simply, GBB is a cut-way-above everyone else in the luxury travel business. GBB's talented, multilingual advisors and concierges focus on servicing high net worth individuals, families, and corporate clients. They anticipate each and every one of their clients' needs before it's a need. GBB's personalized approach ensures that clients receive quality experiences from a dedicated group of professionals. Their attention to detail and commitment to unparalleled service sets them apart.

Gordon and Denise stopped by Bungalux to talk about a few of their hot destinations for 2013. Aahh, I must admit this is one of my favorite articles ever. It's hard to pick my favorite, but Greece may be calling.

Amanzo’e, Greece

If Helen of Troy was alive today she would be checking-in to Amanzo'e and never leaving. Yes, it's that good, and if you ever needed a reason to return to Greece or visit for the first time, Aman Resorts has just given all of us the only excuse we need. Opened late 2012, Amanzo'e is located 30 minutes by helicopter from Athens in the eastern Peloponnese, a land of olive groves, unspoilt bays and the summer homes of the rich and famous. Thirty-Eight pool villas await your arrival, along with everything else that makes Aman the one to beat in the world of less is more luxury travel. We know where we're going to be hanging out in Greece this summer. Where will you be..?

Vamizi Island, Mozambique

It takes a hell of a long time to get here no matter where you're coming from, and Mozambique is definitely not the first place you think about when considering a beach resort in the Indian Ocean. Having said that, once you get to Vamizi you're going to wonder why no-one has told you about this private island paradise until now. Just thirteen one and two bedroom villas line the beach, with all the privacy and to-die-for views you want and expect. Spend your days doing absolutely nothing, or get in some diving or deep sea fishing just 15 minutes from the beach. In the evening watch the sun go down at the beach bar, and get ready for barbeque or a more formal dinner in the restaurant. Bring the one you love, or the family; Vamizi is perfect for everyone. Just wait until you see Tusitiri, it's one of the finest dhows on the African coastline and the perfect way to explore the nearby islands.

Botanique, Brazil

Just opened in November and already making a name for itself, Botanique is one of a new breed of high end lodges appearing in Brazil. What makes this one special, is that you won't find it on a beach or in a rainforest. Instead it's two hours drive north-east of São Paulo high in the Mantiqueria Mountains. This is where wealthy Brazilians hang out on weekends and somewhere you need to experience next time you're in South America. Everything at this exclusive property has been designed and handpicked to give you a true insight into the Brazilian way of life, albeit at a very high level. Come here to relax and get away from it all, ride with Olympic standard horses through the Campos do Jorado, practice the Samba or Brazilian Tango, or just enjoy a couple of Caipirinha's while you take it all in.

Dorado Beach Reserve, Puerto Rico

Up until now, San Juan has just been a better alternative to Miami when you're making your way to and from the Caribbean. God forbid you had to stay over, and if you did, then hopefully the Ritz Carlton had some rooms available and you could get a table at Il Mulino..! That's all changed now with the opening of Dorado Beach Reserve just 45 minutes drive from the airport. For the very first time we can honestly say that there is somewhere to stay on the island that matches the best of the competition further south and does so in a way that's going to ensure repeat guests from all over the world. Built on the footprint of Laurance Rockefeller's original RockResort, this boutique property offers 100 luxurious guestrooms and suites and a four bedroom beachfront villa that is absolutely stunning, and is set to become the home of choice for anyone with the means to afford its exclusivity. Go now for a few days and check it out. Then book for Christmas and New Year 2013. This one is going to sell out fast..!

Global Black Book can be reached by phone at +1 310 273 3311 or via their website at GLOBAL BLACK BOOK .


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