June 26, 2012

Guest Editor: Rebecca Orlov

Tips for Small Spaces

Guest Editor
Furniture with Legs Neutral Tones Lighting Undiscovered Collections Furniture with Legs
Furniture with Legs Neutral Tones Lighting Undiscovered Collections

If you're anything like me, the phenomenal blogging community is your first "go-to" for the latest in design and fashion. Though it's still wonderful to get that Architectural Digest and Elle Decor every month, the first thing I do every morning is open up a few of my favorite blogs to get up-to-the-minute inspiration.

Therefore, we've decided to start featuring some of our favorite blog writers/creators as Guest Editors on the site, and our first is definitely one of my daily go-to ladies. I'm so excited to welcome Rebecca Orlov, who is the creative genius behind loving. living. small.

Rebecca is a seasoned Integrated producer and design writer. Inspired by her 300 square foot New York studio that she lived in ten years ago, Rebecca started loving. living. small. in 2008 as a place to share small space style. Her lifestyle blog (InStyle mag's pick for Best of Web Home blog 2010) is dedicated to small space living and making a house a home. Showcasing small space tips, solutions, resources, interviews and ideas, loving. living. small. is the place to get inspiration for making the most of your small space and sharing your best style. Rebecca's contributed to Apartment Therapy LA for two years, HGTV, Flor, rue, Washingtonian and more.

While we sometimes feature large homes on Bungalux, most of our readers live someplace smaller or if they are living in a mega mansion have small spaces they need to maximize. So, read on to see Rebecca's great tips (and accompanying photos). And I would encourage you to take a look at Rebecca’s wonderful site loving. living. small. BY CLICKING HERE. And you can follow her on Twitter at @lovelivesmall and on PINTEREST.

Here's Rebecca:

These days, it seems, many people are making the move to smaller homes and setting up shop in gorgeous, comfortable and stylish ways. While there may be design challenges that come with living in a space with minimal square footage, these obstacles can be easily tackled with a design twist to make the spaces feel bigger, feel efficient and look amazing. After living in Los Angeles on and off for 16 years, I’ve enjoyed living in small spaces and share my inspiration on my blog, loving. living. small. I am thrilled to share my favorite small space tips and design destinations with Bunglux.

Keep the eyes moving throughout a small space by using FURNITURE WITH LEGS. I picked up this mid-century modern credenza with long legs at the ROSE BOWL FLEA MARKET, one of my favorite design stops.

Color definitely works in a small space but keeping A SMALL ROOM IN NEUTRAL TONES, like white, really opens it up. Add your color through accents for dimension. I love checking out ROSE TARLOW for neutral vignettes.

Lighting in your small space can play a big role. More light works and the LIGHTS PROVIDE BALANCE INA SMALL SPACE. I love checking out THE MELROSE PROJECT. This gorgeous showroom has several vignettes for lighting design.

GOING VERTICAL in a small space lets you utilize all of your space. Shops, like Undiscovered in Venice, provide inspiration for creating vertical style in your own home.

One of my favorite tips for small spaces – SMALL DETAILS IN COLLECTIONS. Creating a collection to display your decor is a great way to share your style and add dimension to a small space. This orange collection inspired by TRINA TURK’S PALM SPRINGS SHOP is a great example of how to style this idea.

Photo credits: Rebecca Orlov

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