May 8, 2012

Katerina Tana

Textiles, Tile, and More

Shell Fabric Rug Violetta Lantern Coral Tile Katerina Tana Shell Fabric
Shell Fabric Rug Violetta Lantern Coral Tile Katerina Tana

Every once in a while I stumble upon something that’s good for the environment and for the house. Last year it was the Fisker Karma car (I just saw one yesterday on the street in Los Angeles and am as obsessed as I was then), the West Elm baskets, and many et ceteras. My latest wonderful find are Katerina Tana's textiles and, now, tile.

I was introduced to Katerina through a Bungalux reader. An interior designer and entrepreneur, Katerina has fantastic taste and is incredibly passionate about her product line. Katerina’s energy was infectious: I immediately fell in love with her collections and was thrilled to find out they’re “good for me” as well.

Let’s start with her textiles: The Design-Loom collection is woven of 100% natural fibers. Cultivating the linen for your beautiful textiles required no irrigation, so it saves that little resource we need called water. In addition, I love the fact that two-thirds of the designs are printed locally within twenty miles of Katerina’s Venice, California headquarters. Inks and pigments used are biodegradable, made of water and resin bindered pigments.

All that being said, we’re about beauty above function at Bungalux, and I wouldn’t be featuring the line if it wasn’t beautiful. I adore the beachy, low-key designs. They work from the grandest of Hamptons houses to the simplest of Venice bungalows … and everything in between.

In addition, Katerina recently launched her Breakwater Tile collection, a perfect complement to her textile collection. Just in time for the remodel I’m doing on a beach condo, the Breakwater collection is one of the most drool-worthy tile collections I’ve seen in a while.

So, let’s all start textiling and tiling … the environmentally-friendly way.



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