September 26, 2011

Oh, Alpha Man. Why Do We Like You So?

Ten Gifts for the Alpha Man

Guest Editor

Oh, Alpha Man, why, despite our better judgment, do we always fall for you?

It is biology? Is it Darwinian? Or is it the fact that you finance Twitter, ski double black diamonds, run hills we hike, charm and ignore us … all in the same weekend?

Whatever the reason, we seem to fall in love with you again and again, so we might as well learn to shop for you. To this end, we’ve invited Darren Gold of the amazing site Alpha-Man to come on over to Bungalux and give us some gift-giving tips.

Girls, check out Ten Gifts for the Alpha Man to find the perfect gift to seduce your Alpha. And Alpha Guys, since you’re the types to buy gifts for yourselves, you can check it out too.

Oh, and by the way, note to God: Next time please introduce us to a sweet, brilliant software developer who doesn’t know the meaning of “Victoria Secret Angel,” whose “excitement” involves a particularly good game of StarCraft II, and who actually looks forward to our texts.

We promise we’ll like him.


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Ten Gifts for the Alpha Man


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