November 14, 2011

Keeping Your Flowers Rosy

Ten Floral Care Tips

Guest Editor

If you're anything like me, you have no idea how to take care of flowers. I buy them, don't cut the stems, put them in water, over-flower-food them, pop a few aspirin in the water once they're looking sick (seriously, I heard this helps), and then leave the water until it no longer resembles water but a swamp in the Louisiana bayou.

And then I complain when the flowers die in two days.

So I invited Carly Cylinder to give us tips on keeping our flowers alive. Carly's the owner of Flour LA, a florist that provides nontraditional, modern designs using eco-friendly flowers. Flour LA has provided flowers for everyone from the Kardashians to Nicki Minaj. Carly teaches fabulous monthly floral design classes at Whole Foods and provides private floral design class parties. She's also currently writing a revolutionary how-to flower book and working on a show based on the same easy DIY content.

Here's Carly ...

The question I’m asked the most is “How do I make my flowers last longer?”

Well, there are a variety of factors involved. Those super cheap roses that you bought may have been grown in really bad mass-produced conditions, which lead to a weaker flower. When you buy organic (or flowers grown in a more sustainable way) they will probably last longer. Leaving those buds in front of a window on a hot summer day? Yep, those babies will start to droop.

So, I've pulled together ten tips to allow you to enjoy those beauties longer.


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Ten Floral Care Tips


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