October 5, 2011

Clean Up Your Messy Situations the Electronic Way

Sweep-Away Cabinet Vac


You one of those guys who constantly finds himself in messy situations?

Before you say, “God no” think about it for a sec. Last summer it was that little party you had at your beach rental (You and your landlord have different definitions of “damages”… and was there ever a pool house on the property?). In September it was that thing with the SEC (Just because you’re the CFO, does that really make you an “insider?”). And then there was the misunderstanding with your girlfriend (How, exactly, does one define “girlfriend” these days? It’s just such an ambiguous term.).

Hmmm. Okay. Maybe 2011's been a bit of a messy year.

Putting all that aside, here’s the good news: Even if your life is full of messes, your kitchen doesn’t have to be.

Why? The Sweep-Away Cabinet Vac. The electronic vacuum almost invisibly sits under your cabinetry, waiting to suck up crumbs, hair, dust, dirt, and whatever other little souvenirs of food preparation may drop in your kitchen. The Sweep-Away’s advantages: It’s activated by the foot so there’s minimized pressure on your back, it’s less messy than a mop, and it’s more thorough than a broom. The vacuum and dustpan sell for $319 and come with black, white, or ivory dustpans. Match them to your kitchen décor, and we assure you you’ll have the most spotless floor around.

Now if only the rest of your life’s messes could be cleaned up electronically.



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