January 17, 2013

Be My Valentine (or at Least Get Me a Cool Card)

Sugar Paper


Is it February 15th yet?

No? Okay, then we guess we should chat Valentine's cards ... and gorgeous paper products for the rest of us.

There is no lack of beautiful cards, stationary, and paper out in the universe nowadays, but one of our go-to spots is still Los Angeles-based SUGAR PAPER . When they sent us an email this morning with a whole bunch of adorable Valentine's cards a light bulb went off. Why hadn't we written about them before?

Founded in 2003 by connoisseurs of correspondence Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker, Sugar Paper is a bastion for anything having to do with that lost art of writing. In particular, we adore their custom letterpress invitations and stationary. We have the monogram stationary and get tons of compliments. Sure, the paper's on the expensive side, but take a look at the examples above and you'll see why Sugar Paper has turned into "the" paper spot for celebrities, socialites, and us (chic and stylish!) laypeople.

In Los Angeles we go to the stores in Century City and at the Brentwood Country Mart but trust us when we tell you anything you order online will be beautiful. We guarantee it.

Now that we covered that, back to wishing for February 15th. Are we there yet?



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