May 9, 2011

Start Nesting

NEST Blue Garden Candle for Autism Speaks


Candlelight. We love it because it’s the most flattering light ever (instant dermatology) and that little golden glow allows you to see a bit more of that hot guy or girl you couldn’t see in the dark.

Yes, candles are one of the sexiest must-haves for every Bungalux. But can they also be good for you? In the case of NEST’s Blue Garden Candle the answer is a resounding yes, because it’s good for someone else.

We love NEST candles to begin with, which is why we were particularly ecstatic when they came out with the Blue Garden Candle. We’re going to tell you right up front that the biggest reason we adore this candle is that NEST Fragrances donates 100% of the net proceeds to Autism Speaks, the nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization.

But good deeds aside, we’re loving the spring scent. Blue hydrangea, hyacinth, and forget-me-nots are blended with fresh green notes and a dew drop accord to create the aroma of a lush floral garden. Sound too girly? It’s not. The smell is fresh and the candle is “nested” in a blue glass and blue box, making it perfect for a guy or girl’s Bungalux. You can buy the NEST candle for $32.

Whether Nestflixing, tweeting, or just hanging around your little love nest with a sig other we promise you won’t be disappointed if you’re doing it to the flickering Blue Garden Candle. And, to learn more about Autism Speaks, one of our favorite charities, please visit It will be your most important click of the day.


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