June 15, 2011

Some Girls Have All the Luck

Ellen DeGeneres’s Beverly Hills Compound Goes on the Market

Real Estate

Some of us are born with a good sense of humor, some of us manage to have a hot sig other (not us... yet), some of us are lucky enough to have good taste. Very few of us will get a book on the bestseller list, even fewer will get our own talk shows, less than ten will get to be American Idol judges.

For Ellen DeGeneres, they’re all just another day at the office.

We first realized Ellen had good taste in houses a few years ago, when she bought one of our favorite compounds in LA's tony Bird Streets for $22 million. The beautifully-designed, modern property had killer views of the city. For those of you who don't know LA, the Bird Streets are nestled between Beverly Hills and Strip, making shopping and drinking both readily accessible. And... if you live up there you may ring your neighbor’s doorbell for sugar and discover Leonardo diCaprio or Keanu Reeves in their boxers or something that looks like sugar, but isn’t.

When Ellen upgraded girlfriends she bought a mile or so west in Beverly Hills. After scooping up neighboring property and doing some upgrades, Ellen and Portia recently (quietly) listed the house around $49 million. The magnificent, tasteful property includes a 9,200 square foot main house, two guesthouses, and an additional three-bedroom house on three acres.

Yes, we said three acres in Beverly Hills. That wasn’t a typo.

We assure you Ellen will move on to something even more fabulous next (is that possible?). But in the meantime, we'll leave you with one of our favorite Ellen quotes to ponder until Friday: "My life is perfect, even when it's not."

Hmmm. Easy for her to say.


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