September 25, 2012

Inside the Building: Eight Eighty Two Doheny

Sinatra and Monroe Slept Here (Separately, We Presume)

Real Estate

Every once in a while we stumble across a building so cool we have to write about it.

Our first introduction to Eight Eighty Two Doheny was a few years ago. We were helping a famous tastemaker client find an office and he was obsessed with this building on the border of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood in Los Angeles. And we knew why. It captivated us too. That almost windowless facade screamed, "There's something torrid going on in here, but you're not privy to what it is." Those sphinx guarded exactly what was going on. And then there was that address. Eight Eighty Two written in that amazing 60's cursive.

We never forgot about the building and recently stumbled upon it again when its two units came up for lease. Through the listing agent we discovered that previous tenants of Eight Eighty Two included Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe. Perhaps most interestingly, though, the space belonged to famous interior designer Kalef Alaton. (Who's Kalef Alaton? Well, that's a whole other article.) The two units in the apartment are for lease for $7500 and $2500, and the main apartment is still decorated as any ridiculously glamorous apartment should be. The larger unit is a two bedroom/three bath covering about 4,000 square feet. The smaller studio is a one room living space with a kitchen and large balcony.

For anyone looking for a main residence and a writer's office, or just a to-die-for office this is it. Wow. We're still drooling.


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