February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifting

Simone LeBlanc Chats Presents

Guest Editor

I am so obsessed with today’s article it’s inspiring me to run out and get a Valentine. Quickly. In time for Tuesday.

I met Simone LeBlanc through a mutual friend and we’re both enamored with her. It could be her terrific energy, or her cool style, or the fact that she’s totally discreet but is the gift-giver studios, actors, directors, agents, and general non-industry laypeople (like me) go to when they need to give the perfect “something.” Whatever it is, I’m so happy Simone is with us today and stopped by to chat Valentine’s presents.

Here’s a little bit about Simone, and then you must, you must, you must check out her top ten list. It’s pretty incredible. I want it all … right after I get the Valentine to go with it.

By the time she was five, Simone LeBlanc was rarely seen without a bag of fabric scraps in tow. She would drag these around the house, crafting teeny-tiny outfits for her dolls and draping colorful collages over pillowcases, along with other early design experiments… an obvious sign of things to come.

Both friends and family were quick to charge Simone with the finer details of special occasions—she would decorate their dinners and parties, recommend gifts and help pick out their outfits. In her early teens she started designing accessories and custom clothing for her loved ones.

Simone followed that path to Paris, where she attended the Parsons School of Design and interned under a renowned haute couturier. Upon her return to Los Angeles in 2001 she worked as a fashion designer and stylist for leading print and television media. But this soon evolved into something broader, as clients began recognizing (and demanding) her easy instinct for all of their creative lifestyle needs.

Simone has thus folded her education and experience—along with her natural creative vision and propensity for helping others find their expression—into Simone LeBlanc Inc., a singular lifestyle-consulting company. into Simone LeBlanc Inc., a singular gifting company like no other. Discreet and intuitive, like its founder, SL Inc. helps clients extract their unique vision through an array of services catered towards their gifting needs. Simone also catalogs and shares her evolving tastes and inspirations on the company’s daily blog.


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Valentine's Day Gift Giving


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