August 15, 2012

Trend: Open Shelving in Your Kitchen

Showing Off Your "Unmentionables"


The trend began small – with hanging pot racks and glass cabinetry.

Now open kitchen shelving is ubiquitous. Ceramics, kitchen tools, cookbooks, and utensils are exposed for all the world to see.

Yet, like many trends, this one seems difficult to achieve at home. While we see open shelves in magazines, blogs, and Pinterest pages, we seldom see open shelving in real life kitchens.

We searched the internet and came up with a few of our favorite ways to incorporate open shelving into the kitchen in place of closed cabinetry. We tried to pick all sorts of kitchens – from traditional to modern – and different types of shelving.

If we have one bit of advice for those who want to try this trend at home it’s as follows: Open shelving must be melded with practicalities. Most likely you’re not going to want to expose ALL of your kitchen unmentionables. So you need to include plenty of closed cabinetry to hide things you don’t want to show to the world.

The lingerie equivalent for women: Your La Perla can rest provocatively on the pillow, but your cotton briefs stay in the drawer.

Take a look at the above photos and send us pics of your own kitchens with open shelving. We’ll add ‘em to the group.

Main photo: A Chicago Penthouse courtesy of DERING HALL


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