August 31, 2011

Saving the Planet the Sexy Way

Fisker Karma Hybrid


Oh, Environment ... Why do you make it so difficult to be nice to you?

We know, we know. As far as guys are concerned, there are other fish in the sea, but with you, you’re our only one. You’re our sunshine; you’re the reason we have flowers, polar bears, Alaskan cruises, and icebergs. You’re why St. Bart’s is exactly eighty degrees every day, and St. Moritz has snow (and therefore hot skiers).

We get it. But, Environment, here's the problem: It's so hard to help you out.

We've tried to fall in love with our friends' Priuses. We've done our best to convince ourselves they're as fast as our Porsches, and as sexy too. We've tried to like flying commercially and packing Prada techno fabrics to save on jet fuel. Our website wears animal skins, but we don't. We've downsized houses, and we're trying to tolerate indoor temps of 65 degrees in winter (blankets) and 82 in summer. (Sweat makes you skinnier, right?) We reluctantly crossed a 10,000 square foot ski chalet in Aspen off our wish list in favor of a two bedroom modern in Santa Cruz with solar power and radiant heat. (Okay, we haven't quite gotten there yet.)

It's all been so difficult. Until now.

Environmentalism's just gotten a lot sexier with the introduction of the Fisker Karma Hybrid. The hot car's the brainchild of Danish auto designer Henrik Fisker, who also designed the BMW Z8 Roadster. The base model runs in the $100,000 range, and the Karma gets around 100 miles to the gallon. Imagine how many companies you can launch and options you can trade in the time you won't be at the Mobil station ... it will more than pay for itself in increased work productivity. The Karma has a solar paneled roof that recharges the car's Lithium-Ion battery and runs the climate control system. And, since we know “fast” is important to our readers, here are the stats: The Karma's top speed is 125 mph and in "Sport" mode it can go from zero to 60 in 5.8 seconds. In all-electric "Stealth" mode, the Karma can get to 95 mph and hits 60 in 8 seconds.

Guys, those stats may not be as impressive as your latest, but we think they're still pretty darn good.

And, not only that, but our favorite environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio, just picked up a Karma. Oh, and Leo, if you're reading this, just so you know, we'd fly commercially with you anytime.


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