January 22, 2012

Trend from Runway to Home: Faux Fur

Restoration Hardware Luxe Faux Fur

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We were walking down University Avenue in Palo Alto a couple days ago and took a little detour into Restoration Hardware to once again lust after the birdcage chandeliers we recommended months ago. (Check out our fun article on birdcages if you missed them. We’re obsessed.)

And on our way out we stumbled upon a section of faux fur … all on sale.

Now, it could have been that it was hovering around 33 degrees in Palo Alto and we were taking four baths a day to bring our body temperature up to 90 degrees. Or it may have been the lack of a tech guy to curl up next to and keep us warm. Or maybe it was that we love animals and faux fur seems to be a chic way to show how much we adore them.

In any case, the middle of winter is the ideal time to pick up faux fur accents for your home.

Before you tell us that you don’t have a Gstaad ski chalet or live in Ottawa, we’re going to stop you right there. Why? Because Rose Tarlow (one of the chicest people we know) gave Alex a faux cheetah blanket as a present for her beach place. And if Rose thinks faux fur can be used at the beach then … well, let’s just say it can.

In other words, in the world of “faux fur” anything goes.

We love faux fur blankets on beds, as pillows on sofas, and even as rugs. Take a look above at our related photos on how to incorporate this runway trend into your home. By the way, we hear it was hovering around 4 degrees in the Midwest over the past few days, so unlike some things we recommend (the $15,000 ping pong table comes to mind) this look actually has the added effect of being functional.

Oh, and sure, faux fur may not take the place of a tech guy, but unfortunately there's no "how to" to acquire one of those.



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