December 4, 2012

Art Deco Masterpiece

The Reserve

Real Estate

Let's be honest: Everyone these days is a decorator.

We say it not sarcastically. With today's plethora of Pinterest and Houzz inspiration boards and thousands of design blogs, more and more of our friends are opting to take the DIY approach to decorating. Pull some subway tiles from this photo, Photoshop them alongside Carrara from that one, and add that shade of green you saw on your friend's Instagram picture from her kitchen and ... voila! Who needs an interior designer?

While we applaud the new DIY approach to designing - let's be honest, many of us can't afford to hire an AD 100 designer to help us in our kitchen remodel - it's still such a treat when we see houses like the one above to remind us, well, extraordinary is often not achieved without world-class talent.

In this case, world-class talent consists of designer Kristoffer Winters, architect Phillip Vertoch, landscape designer Stephen Block of Inner Gardens, and builder Gordon Gibson Construction. They had a fabulous 10,000 Holmby Hills estate to work with, but we think you'll agree that the ground-up renovation of the house and gardens is truly breathtaking. The house just listed on the open market just shy of $28 million, and the agents' comments state that it's a 1920s-feeling art deco masterpiece for the modern-day Howard Hughes. They're spot-on. Everything about the property is glamorous and fastidious and beautiful - it's just as suitable for the entertainment mogul as the industry tycoon.

We do still love "take-home" design advice, so here's ours: Take a look at all the greenery, greenery, and more greenery. Maybe you can't pull together the full effect (if you can and have, send us photos!) but start with plants and then go from there.

For virtual tour, click HERE. Photos courtesy of the listing agents Branden Williams and Rayni Romito at Hilton and Hyland.


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