October 30, 2012


The Pumpkins of Ray Villafane


We first introduced you to him last year, during our 2011 Pumpkin Week, and now, even a year later, we're still floored by the phenomenal pumpkin art of RAY VILLAFANE.

Ray always showed an aptitude for art, but he eventually ended honing in pumpkin sculpture, when he was consistently being approached by friends and family and local business to create ornate pumpkins for them. Yet, it wasn't until 2007, when he participated in the Food Network's Challenge Show Outrageous Pumpkins that Ray became world renowned for his pumpkin crafting. The exposure of Ray’s style, talent and creativity amassed an all-new appreciation for pumpkin “carving”, and his artistic take on the traditional Jack-O'-Lantern has granted him invitations from across the globe for VIP Galleries (Very Impressive Pumpkins). From the President’s Quarters in the White House to Bermuda’s Sousa’s Gardens, Ray’s pumpkins have gathered a cult-like following. (Facebook fans of Ray fondly call themselves Villa-Fans.)

So, though we at Bungalux love pumpkins with glitter, jewels, fabric, and everything else imaginable, we happen to think there's nothing like the old-fashioned Jack-O'-Lantern. And Ray Villafane is the best in the business.

After you take a look at the impressive pumpkin sculptures above courtesy of Ray, we encourage you to peruse our other Halloween articles. Last year, back when Bungalux had just launched and we were a little pumpkin, we did a phenomenal "Pumpkin Week" with great articles like TECHNIQUES FOR CARVING THE PERFECT PUMPKIN and TEN HALLOWEEN FACTS WE BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW.

Enjoy ... and Happy Halloween everyone.

Check Out Ray Villafane's Site


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